WiFi, Base Station, both or neither?

I have a Cam Pan 2 (not yet installed) for inside and was thinking of getting a CamV3 for outdoors. I can’t figure out if they both need a base station or work on wifi, or which does what.
Also, someone gave me an unused Cam Pan 1, Can I use that instead of a Cam V3 if it’s placed inside but filming outside? Is the distance range of one better than the other?

Thanks in advance!

The only cam that requires a base station is the battery powered wyze cam outdoor.

All other cameras must be plugged in to power.

The v3 indoor/outdoor cam has a much better picture than the rest of the cameras. Just make sure you get the outdoor plug adaptor. The plug it comes with should only be used indoors.

The pan v1 isn’t a bad camera. I have 2 of them myself. You can point it out a window, but you need to keep the IR light off. You’ll also get a slight glare from the window itself.


The light sensitivity of the V3 and Pan V2 is much, much better than the Pan V1. Since you can’t turn on the IR lights on the Pan V1 if it is behind glass, you would either need to separately illuminate the outdoors (floodlights, etc), or be satisfied with a dark picture at night.

If you use it to film a room indoors, you could just switch to night vision and turn on the IR lights.



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It’s going to be filming an area that’s lit by spots at night, but maybe I’;ll get the v3 just in case, thanks!

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