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Hello again! Do I need to buy a “starter kit” that includes a camera and the base station or can I buy a base station separately? I’m sorta piecing together a system. I want three outdoor cameras and one indoor. (Speaking of that…) If I wanted to later add more cameras do I need to use another base station?

The V3 is an “outdoor camera” that does not require a base station at all.

The indoor V2 and Pan Cam models also do not require any base station.

The base station applies ONLY to the less capable battery powered Wyze Cam Outdoor model.


Yes, if you can run power to the camera, then you should use the more-capable V3 cam, which is rated for outdoor use. If you can’t, then go with the Outdoor cam. The Outdoor cam is really only recommended in cases where you need a battery or a PIR motion sensor (the V3 cam does visual motion sensing).

To answer your original question, you need an Outdoor cam with included base station (the “Starter Bundle”) for every 5th Outdoor camera you buy. An Outdoor cam base station can handle up to 4 Outdoor cameras.

But go with the v3 if you can run power to the location. No base needed for that.

So, the base station is just for the battery powered cameras? I was under the assumption that all the cameras needed to connect to a base station but it sounds like you are saying that a V3 (plug in camera) can connect to my router directly?

Yes, the Outdoor camera is a special beast. The other cameras talk directly to the router.

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Clarification. All the other Wyze cameras connect to your WiFi. For most people, that is your router, but it is not an Ethernet cable connection.

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No one mentioned Ethernet. But yes, the other cameras connect directly to your router over WiFi.

I agrre that no one mentioned it, but the terminology of “talks directly to router” could easily be understood to mean via a cable. Hence my clarification.

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I understood what you meant and for my part, after reading what I wrote earlier, it could be construed as connecting via Ethernet cable. But I DID mean WiFi. Thanks for the clarification, just the same.