Bundle discount

I would like to purchase 2 of the v3 cameras and the base station bundle for $37.99 but I cannot add it.

Please be careful. There is no base station for the V3 model. That only applies to the slightly older Wyze Cam Outdoor. You don’t need any kind of base for the V3 cameras.


Welcome @sbryan6
As @Customer said, There is no base station needed for the V3. Only the Wyze Cam Outdoor requires a base. You can have up to 4 WCOs per base,
Are you looking for 2 V3 cameras (plugged-in) or two Wyze outdoor cameras(battery powered). Both are rated for outdoor use. We can help you if you’re unsure of what to purchase.


Yes. I am interested in the v3 outdoor wireless cameras and thought a base station was required.

No base needed!
You just need to purchase the camera(s).

Thanks for your help! Will I need an sd card?

You don’t need one for the camera to work, but you can use it to record longer videos. The camera will save 12 second motion recording with a 5 minute cool-down (gap between recordings) to the cloud for 14 for free.
The SD card is required for continuous and full-length motion recording locally to the camera. Another way to record full-length motion recordings is to use Cam Plus. Cam Plus does not currently support continuous recording(only the SD card will do this).
More information about Cam Plus here: https://services.wyze.com/
More information about SD card recording here: https://wyzelabs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360029728632-MicroSD-and-Continuous-Recording


I just realized the v3 is not cordless. Any word when this will be available?

The Wyze Cam Outdoor is the battery powered camera. It has most of the same features as the V3, but there is some differences too.

  • the WCO uses a PIR sensor that detects motion by detecting heat.
  • the camera is battery powered so frequent recording and live-streaming will run the battery down quickly

I would suggest looking at the FAQ page before purchasing

Is it rechargeable?

The WCO is rechargable. The link @Brlepage linked will show and explain the expected battery life, etc.

Another big difference between the wco and the v3 is the v3 has way improved low light performance with the star light sensor.


So if want to outdoor wireless camera that is rechargeable my only option is the v2 as the v3 not rechargeable? Correct?

No, not the V2. The “Wyze Cam Outdoor”. It is their only current battery powered camera. Obviously there are many other brands that offer this.

Yea I like the V3 better for outdoors but I want the rechargeable battery option due to not having a power source. I guess I would have to buy the V2 in that case.

No. The V2 does not have a battery.

Please note also that the Wyze Cam Outdoor requires and ships with an AC powered base.

So I am confused. Which camera will work for me? I need an outdoor camera that has a rechargeable battery because I do not have an outlet.


Do you have a window? I power my outdoor cameras with a usb cable that runs through the window sash insulation.

where I was planning to put it doesn’t work for a cable.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor as previously mentioned above.

Yes. The Wyze Cam Outdoor is battery powered and wireless, but must ordinarily be used with a wired base station inside. It’s not really complicated. Check the product pages. Wyze only sells a few different cameras - really only TWO in current production. The Wyze Cam V3 and the Wyze Cam Outdoor.