Confused about WIFI on cameras

So I have a couple of V2 cameras and they’ve worked great inside. today I picked up an outdoor bundle, with the camera and base station and an indoor/outdoor camera only. I see some conflicting information I wanted to clear up so I can get the camera locations I want worked out.

The one that connects to the base station has a battery to charge does the indoor/outdoor also have a battery?

The outdoor one is connected to the base station by some magic does it also have wifi?

Does Wyze still have the cameras that connect to wifi like the V2s I have?

Does the Indoor/outdoor one connect to the base station too ?

Some more information is needed:

The indoor outdoor camera you purchased, is that a Wyze Outdoor Cam or is it a Wyze V3? Both are indoor outdoor, but the Outdoor cam is the add on for the outdoor cam bundle. The V3 is a wired only camera, no battery, and doesn’t connect to the base station. It operates like a v2.

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The poster said this, which means it’s the battery powered Wyze Cam Outdoor.

No. The V1, V2, V3, and Pan Cams do not have batteries. Of these only the V3 is “indoor/outdoor”. All require USB power.

Yes and no. The “magic” is a dedicated low power WiFi connection to the base station. But it can ONLY connect to the base station, not to anything else WiFi, not directly to a router, etc.

Yes. The V3 and the doorbells connect to WiFi traditionally.

Assuming this refers to the V3, the answer is no.

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He said he bought an outdoor starter bundle and an indoor outdoor camera. I was asking if that indoor outdoor camera was the Wyze outdoor cam add on or the V3 indoor outdoor cam.

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Sorry that I wasn’t clear. it is a V3 and it was marked indoor & Outdoor

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Thanks for your help I think I understand all the tiers now

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Great. Keep in mind you can buy additional battery powered WCOs if you choose. You can have up to 4 per base station I think. However, the V3 is a better camera for most people.

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Yes I saw them at HD. I have one spot where there’s no convenient way to get power too that this camera will be for. All the others can be V3’s or V1’s and 2’s I see black ones on the site a little cheaper.


You’re fine! The V3 requires power but works like a v2. Just updated video and picture quality.

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I have them set up outdoors now to try. the quality is good if there is a little light, if there is no light and it’s relying on only the IR illuminators it’s not as good. seems they have a hybrid mode if there is enough light, If the cameras see each other their emitters blow each other away too. Can this be improved with external IR emitters? I don’t think it’s that important for my use just wondering. I see on the US side there is a floodlight available for the V3’s in addition to the spot, heh, looks pretty elaborate.

The V3 has a starlight mode or something like it where it’s full color in night mode. I don’t know how well the IR illuminator work outdoors on the V3, as I use mine in the house. The outdoor camera’s IR is strong enough to see about 15 foot down my driveway and from my back porch, but not much further.

Turning off the IR illuminator and using an external one may yield better results for you.

Yep, see how the V3 behaves in low light without extra IR. (It will do a lot better than the WCOs.)

Also beware the WCOs are different animals. For one thing they take longer to capture video because they need to wake up when their PIR detector (like the one on floodlights) sees motion. Good luck.

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And another thing to note about the outdoor cams: they detect motion best when the movement is horizontal across the detection zone, rather than straight on.

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thanks, i’ll keep that in mind

I want to clarify, that applies to the outdoor battery cam. The V3 detects motion very well from all angles.

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yes, so far the v3 has been great. the outdoor battery one though doesn’t seem that great, but it’ll do what I need it to so that’s fine