Battery for Wyze Cam v3

Is there a battery for the new Wyze Cam v3. If not, any suggestions on powering the Wyze Cam V3 when no electrical outlet close by.

It does not have a battery. The use of the term “Indoor & Outdoor” is a bit misleading. The supplied power adaptor is described as “indoor”.

You could always run it off of a dc power source. I’m assuming 5v is what they have going into it. The plug that goes into the wall converts 120v ac to 5v dc so any 5v dc source will work. Like those that people carry around to charge there phone on the go would work but not very long. I would build a high capacity 5v source and use it if I needed to run one without 120v ac available.

The video quality is really good. I would like to put it outside, but no plugs near the front door.

Another idea would be a 12v marine deep cycle battery, but a small inverter then hook it up to the battery which gives you a 120v ac source to run your v3 off the plug it came with.

They do sell extra long usb cords. I know there are 25ft cords available. And that could be ran off of a extension cord. Would get you out the front door easily.

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What you are suggesting is running 12V DC to 120V AC to 5V DC. Very inefficient.
You can go from 12V to 5V DC USB very easily. Every USB car phone charger does it.

Yes I was just thinking of was the op would understand. I’m not sure how familiar he may or may not be to this type of thing. I didn’t state it would be efficient. Lol if you ran a solar panel to keep the battery charged you could run it free. Efficient or not. Just throwing ideas for the op out there.
You are right though running a simple phone charger type plug off the battery would make way more sense.

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I wouldn’t use the V3 with a battery because it will be constantly on and the battery will not last long. If you need to place the camera far away from a power source, I’d suggest a cable like this one:
It’s also a good idea to use an outdoor outlet cover like the one below to protect the plug.

The camera can be used outside. The outdoor power adapter can be purchased or you can plug the camera into an outlet with a cover like this:

place it looking out a window. with the better sensor, it does amazing!

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When there is no electrical outlet close by.
Your best choice would be a battery powered camera.

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I just received my V3 and was very disappointed to find that it is NOT battery powered. I thought it was - that was the only reason I ordered it. It’s an OUTDOOR camera - why would it not be battery powered? I don’t have anywhere to plug in a camera on my front porch so I just threw away $20. At least it was only that much,but I was really hoping this would solve my front porch security issue. Very very disappointed.

I ordered two of these V3 cameras with the idea of putting them by the front and back doors. I will have the same problem as you have with nowhere to plug them into an outlet. I wonder if there is a 5VDC rechargeable battery pack that we could use to power the V3 camera? I’ll look around.

Well I just ordered the extension usb cords. I will have to figure out how to get the cable up into the attic - probably going to have to hire someone. So much for the inexpensive part of it!

Why not just order the Wyze Cam Outdoor?

More money, and it uses a base station. I tried the Blink camera a couple of months ago - it also uses a base station. It would never stay connected to my internet once it went outside the house. Was completely useless for me - I had to send it back. So I guess I am gun shy on the base station thing. I have FIOS, so my internet is very good. But the base station concept does not seem to work in my house.

The best thing to do is to check the facts before you buy something

Does Wyze Cam v3 have a battery?



October 26, 2020 16:54

No, Wyze Cam v3 is powered via a USB cable.

It is not wireless and it has no replaceable battery.

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Of course. Clearly I did not do enough research. It never occurred to me that an outdoor camera would need a wired power supply. But thanks for that useful comment LOL.


You’re welcome, just friendly advice :slightly_smiling_face:

The camera has a base station because it runs on battery. That’s the trade-off. If you want a battery powered camera it can’t be constantly monitoring a network connection.