Battery for V3?

Love these cameras. Have had one for three years. I also install Google Nest but sucks compared to Wyze. I recently referred a friend to a V3 for his deer feeder. Its about 1000 ft from house working right on the edge of wifi using a repeater. I have been using 5000mah cellphone recharger packs but they are not lasting very long. The battery cam with base station would never work at this distance and the solar panel does not have a battery either. Any suggestions? A suggestion to Wyze, Create an external battery kit that can be used on all the non battery cams

Here is a wishlist topic about this. Give it a vote!

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It sounds like it is time to get creative. Most of the time, running the cams that far away is limited more by WiFi reception than by power availability.

Some users have resorted to installing high capacity battery with a charge controller and larger solar panel. Others have used landscape lighting cord to carry low voltage from a plugged in inverter and then regulating it with a Buck Converter where it is plugged into the cam.

Plenty of posts on the above subject matter in my user name, search for ideas :grinning:

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