Portable power supply

I want to run my Wyze v3 indoor outdoor wired camera inside my can, looking out through the glass. I want to detect motion through the glass.
Can anyone recommend a portable power station that would be able to run the camera for several days. I would turn the camera off during the day. The power unit would also be inside my car. I don’t want to use the car’s battery. Thanks

You will need internet access for the camera to be portable. As for the power, any of the commercially available power supply with a USB-A output port should do.

I have Internet access. I’ve used a 38.5k maH power supply but it only lasts about a day. I need a power supply about 10x stronger Any specific brand names of power stations that would work? Thanks.

Check out Bluetti, Jackary or many others. Put a solar panel on the roof , dash or back window to get perpetual power. Maybe add a cooling fan.

and it has a wifi network for the camera to connect to?

If you need several days, you are looking at a small car battery sized device - unless you can top it off with some solar during the day.
Just for reference, I have had two or three Wyze cameras (various types) in my pickup for several years. I originally powered them from a cigarette lighter to quad USB-A adapter that was plugged into always on outlet in the truck - so it was running from the “normal” vehicle battery. The only time I drained the battery was when I had three cameras (two V2 and one V3), and while I had Covid and did not drive for days. On day five, my router notified me that all three cameras were no longer reachable. The battery was drained enough that I could not start the truck. Since I knew I was not going to be driving for another few days, I just hooked up my vehicle battery charger and let it recharge the battery.
I now have the USB adapter for the cameras plugged into an outlet powered from my Aux battery, so I don’t drain the starting battery.