Using the Wyze Cam with a portable external power source

As I am new to all of the Wyze Cam products, I would like to know if there is a way to use a camera like the V2 with a portable and rechargeable power source like a USB power bank. And if so, I am looking for recommendations for the best size mAh wise to use. I want to place one out in a tree in my front yard facing the house to watch my driveway and front porch is why I am asking. Thanks for any help with this.

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Tree? Camera isn’t suitable for an exterior installation. There’s an exterior camera model in the works though.

Bigger is better. The larger the battery capacity, the longer the run time.

A V2 cam consumes around 330 mA in day mode, and around 430 mA in night mode with the IR illuminators active. You can do the math to determine run time with a given USB power bank.

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@qlang243 Using a weatherproof housing of course.

Bye bye warranty. But, that being said, I used a 20000 Ma ‘solar’ rechargeable brick to power aV2 with sensitive motion detection and 24 hr continuous recording and got about 18 hours. It was a new brick and showed a full charge but I can’t verify that the lights are accurate so it may have been less than full.

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Using a V2 in a weatherproof housing voids the warranty? Does this include the Cam Pan as well?

OK, I get that a external power source or brick as you call it seems to be a bad idea. It would be nice if Wyze produced a product that is self contained including a power supply and external antenna for using in more remote locations. Maybe someday.

I assume it includes all Wyze cams on the warranty question. They are billed as indoor cams.
As far as a battery source, I didn’t mean to indicate it’s a ’ bad’ idea, just limited. They don’t care where their power comes from as long as it meets their requirements. I use mine with the ’ brick’ constantly as a ‘mobile cam’ to monitor areas around and under the house, for example, where wired power may not be easily accessible.

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Same here. I keep a “spare’ Wyze cam. Mostly I use it as a hot spare if an installed camera is having a problem. For $25, it makes sense.

But I sometimes when I head out and need to monitor an area in the house where there isn’t an outlet. I hook it up to a phone portable charger.

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Same here for the same reasons. :+1: