Can I run Wyzecam from a powerbank

I was wondering if I can power the Wyzecam from any USB powerbank/phone charger? I need to put it in a place with no power but not sure if there are compatibility issues or will any USB device just see it as power. Any insight appreciated!!

Yes. That will work.

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@robabob89 Welcome to the Wyze community! Absolutely. I’ve used a 10000 mAh power bank with my v2 cams and also with my Cam Pan. The v2 is a much better choice because it doesn’t use as much power.

If you do a forum search using the magnifying glass, you will find many users that have used different methods.


Def works. Settings will change power consumption big time. Don’t stream rtsp on batteries lol. Anker 10k bank drained in a few hours.