You can give a Cam v2 backup power!

NOTE: I don’t have a Cam Pan, so I don’t know if this would work for that too. Trial and error!

Step 1ne: Buy a USB Power Bank

Step 2wo: Plug the camera’s power cable into the bank

Step 3hree: Plug the bank into a wall adapter so that it’ll always be charging

Step 4our: Press the “on” button on the bank if needed

And done! The v2 doesn’t seem to need that much power from the bank, so I’d say that using the one I got from walmart, It’ll run for a long time. Though, I only have it set up this way so that if the power goes off for a sec, it’ll reconnect a bit quicker, since I’m just using the cam as a Sense bridge.


Yes this has been discussed a long time but there seems to be a gray area as to which batteries really provide pass-through charging properly. It is rarely in the specs.

Hmm, then I guess the user should test their power bank and see if it can charge and provide power at the same time…

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Or you could let people know which one you are using.

I lost the box to it, but I’ll post a pic of it. Got it at Walmart around 2-3 years ago, and it looks like this

Also, the info on the back of it reads:

Model: 16WMS126
Input:DC5V 1500mA
Output:2100mA Total
Capacity: 5000_+_50mAh,18.5Wh
Manufactured by

I’ll post a photo of the info on the back once I can get a good one since my phone refuses to focus on it.

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One thing to consider when charging that pack all the time is will it overcharge the battery?

Or does it have a charge controller that will properly control the charge, if that battery is getting very warm it likely has a cheap charging circuit. This could be dangerous and a fire hazard.

Something to be aware of

This is what you should be looking for on Amazon:
“5V UPS battery backup uninterrupted power supply”
They come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges, starting around $20
They are designed to plug in full time and only switch to batteries during a power outage.
You can use one for your modem and routers as well. These have been around for ages and should not present a fire hazard.
Probably a product Wyze should offer.


Y’know what? Wyze should make one of those!

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Doubles as a space heater. :wink:

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Yeah, or a white noise machine if they put some fans on it.

The bank stays nice and cool. Though I do understand your concerns!

I meant the UPS (and referenced indirectly the real live Wyze space heater project). :slight_smile:

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wait Wyze is really making a space heater??? pog!

Looks that way…