What do you think of A Space Heater

Hi, everyone!
I am a product manager who recently joined Wyze Team. We are investigating the opportunities to provide a comfortable home environment for you and have a short survey about a heating solution if you’re interested. This survey will only take about 2-3 minutes of your time and will guide us to make something useful for you.

Thanks for your time!


With all due respect, I’d rather see the Wyze team spend more time on current app/camera bugs. With all the latest glitches I’m about ready to give up. Love the products and the app, just not dependable.

Ps. 117° today, a hard pass on the space heater. :sunglasses:


Sounds like a terrible (and dangerous) waste of resources. Why you’d want to be associated with home fires instead of reliable cameras and electronics is a mystery.


I’ll love you see a space heater that can

  • work with a temp sensor to regulate temperature in my basement
  • allow rules to be set
  • be controlled from anywhere
  • be manually controlled
  • show useful metrics that help save energy or money

Contact me directly for testing and better use cases.

Thanks and welcome to @WyzeTeam


… is this a joke? seriously. who in their right mind would put a Wyze branded SPACE HEATER in their home? a smart thermostat i could MAYBE get on board with but your current track record has me saying HELL NO to a space heater


Words fail me.


NO!!! please, no more products until you get your app figured out! browsing the forums for the first time, discovering that wyze doesnt really seem to realize how terrible their product experience is?? why the F are you researching a smart sprinkler system when your app functions this poorly? AND NOW A SPACE HEATER? what kind of chuckleheads are in charge over there? imagine: the reliability of Wyze Sense, the experience of SD playback, the pleasure of fighting with constantly disconnecting wyze bulbs, or the feeling of security realizing your lock didnt actually lock/unlock when you thought it did. now all bundled into a space heater! insurance claim not included! Ridiculous


Maybe it really is a joke? Someone hacked the forum badges and is having fun?

Edit: it’s gotta be - I checked the survey page, and there is NOTHING about controls or smart features at all, let alone Wyze ecosystem integration. This has to be a gag.


Please fix the app before doing anything else. It is completely 100% buggy and unreliable and the competition smokes it.


Okay, I’ve been in defense of Wyze’s other new products because I can kinda see the association into the smart home but this is definitely going too far now and is basically impossible to defend.

I really hope this isn’t due to a new venture capitalist trying to pump the company for as many products as possible, so they can inflate the value as much as possible in the aim to go public and dump their shares.

If it is, you need to really re-evaluate if you can do without the money because it’s starting to really dilute the brand and what it stood for.


Deliver a doorbell.

Wired outdoor camera with better waterproofing.

2K camera.

4K camera.

Support 5 Ghz band.

Reliable local storage.


Browser viewer.

FireTV app.

Home control hub with 3rd party compatibility.

Wired UL listed smart electric wallplate dimmer switches.

Deeper Alexa, Google, Apple, and Home Assistant integration.

Temperature and humidity and water sensors.

Action cameras.


Expand the WyzeBand and and Scale health ecosystems.

Smart watches.

Smart bicycle accessories.

Dash cams and smart car accessories.

Formal home security systems with professional monitoring and telephone integration.

Solar power options.


Smart glasses.

Phone accessories.

Wired networking and Power over Ethernet.

Expanded hosted service offerings.

And fix your existing firmware, app(s), and cloud services.

There is SO much you can relatively easily repackage and deliver to build upon your brand of inexpensive, surprisingly functional, cool stuff with decent software and support.

I can’t imagine why you want to flush reputation and earned good will down a toilet to compete with stuff on the lowest shelves in the back of a Big Lots doing an all sales final going out of business week.

@sodcam said it best.


Uhhh… Wut?


Excellent summary. Thanks!


At the risk of being a contrarian to many of the other comments so far, I would consider buying one depending on how easily I could automate it compared to my existing space heaters (which I cannot automate at all even with a smart plug since they power on in an “off” state).


I live in Minnesota, and the first thing you learn up here, basically at birth, is that:
Space heaters are dangerous!

There are typically 2-3 deaths a year up here, because a space heater either was flipped over and caught fire, or someone put it too close to curtains/towels/etc, and those caught on fire.
Never mind that small children and babies get burned by touching them.

Now, to control them with Wifi? Or a smart plug type of thing?

I can’t even imagine they could get it passed UL and various other agencies, if it can be controlled with any external power control over Wifi or a smart plug type of thing.

Heck, there are huge warning signs on them to not plug into a power strip because of the dangers of fires with them!

Wyze should stick with doing a thermostat. Much safer, and less likely to be sued out of existence.


Rather have Wyze ceiling fan (and I’d probably buy 4), temp sensors, and a homekit bridge!!!


I don’t really see how you could even improve on this as I’ve used a smart plug and IFTTT to make my own smart heater. It came on and shut off according to the temperature and it already had a remote that I don’t think I ever used.
(Before anyone posts how dangerous this set up was or anything, I was there with it 24/7 and never left it alone or even left the room it was in due to health issues at that time.)

I have to agree with everyone else that you should try to fix your current products and apps. I have unfortunately lost all faith in Wyze due to all of my bad experiences with most of your products. Some are DOA or die right after warranty, constantly fall offline, etc. Your product and application have become unusable (for some) with no fix in sight and this sends a bad message I believe. Please just fix your current product problems and fix your App before doing anything else. I’m definitely not buying anything more from you as I stated above that you’ve already lost me for the most part.


Good point. An existing Wyze Plug along with the temperature sensor they should already be offering gets you ALL the way to whatever smarts one would want in a space heater. Though, again, there are ZERO questions in this survey regarding any kind of automation or integration.


There are so many great space heaters out there – why not improve the window air conditioner? Noora/Kapsul never took off but the demand is there…


Hi @Chuan
If you add a remote control (not just app) that would be great. Currently, I can’t find that in the market.