Rechargeable battery pack

Has anyone out there had any success in using rechargeable batteries with their wyze cam? I would like to put a camera in my vestibule to face the front door but have no electrical boxes out there! Thank you.

There are many posts on here about using various “power banks”. I’ve used a 10Ah Sony powerbank with a V2 and it lasted about a day and others have reported comparable results.
If the site gets enough sunlight there are report on here on adding various solar panels.

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Why mess with a powerbank when you easily can just pull a 5V dedicated supply? If not wanting to cut the Wyze cable, order from Amazon or go to any thrift store and pick up a collection of Micro USB cables. Cut, solder in an extension, and “run” (cable). You can easily run pretty decent lengths for cheap, using speaker wire, Ethernet, phone cord (or whatever you have laying around).
Same goes of course for when putting a Wyze outside. Run a 5V dedicated supply. Not a 115V.

And not very tricky, but if you need a lot of “dedicated” 5V power supplied, use a ATX power supply from a standard PC (can be had for free). Can also use the 12V supply from same ATX supply to run router, switches, APs, etc. (I try to only buy networking products that can be run 12V - and hence easy access to backup power).

People get so tied up to the 5V USB power “format”, but you can get a clean and regulated 5V from so many sources.