Wyze Cam Pan v2 camera better buy - review

I switched over to the Wyze Cam Pan v2 camera from the Cam v3 camera. I like the Cam Pan better. It has a wider view because I can pan and I can fine tune the coverage by panning up and down and left and right. I now see 1/3rd more then before. $44 delivered : )
I use a Twist mount with flexible gooseneck with standard 1/4 threaded hole to hang the camera from my curtain rod.
I use this to catch package thieves. Since I and 2 neighbors bought them and setup in our courtyard apt there have been no further stealing.

Suggestions: I think it would better to move the camera lens around instead of the body it is in.
Also Wyze cameras need contrast and brightness controls. The off white stucco and concrete I have in my courtyard apt are washed out. Color controls too : )


Also you can use the FREE LDPlayer app on your computer.
It allows you to run android apps like the WYZE Cam one.
Now you can view the cam footage on your bigger monitor.