Thank You Wyze Cam People

I am a very senior on a fixed income. I have always wanted security cameras, but their prices stopped me.
I just received a Wyze Cam Pan and it is a wonder. It works very well with my budget Android phone and the images are great.
I hope to get at least one more in a couple of months.

Great idea, good price. I am happy tonight. Thank you.

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Wyzecam Pan arrived today, two days ahead of schedule. Setup was extremely fast. I had previously installed the app, registered, and gone as far as I could. So installation went well with no problem at all. Texted most everything but will be back after additional use. Nice picture, color. Really weird at first until I realized I was looking at a closeup of my window screen wire. Moved it up past the screen. I like the speed that it comes back up after shutting down. Loads quickly.

Made a mounting bracket this p.m. To mount Wyze Cam Pan on my window. See photo.


hi mangurian,

this is wonderful feedback and we will forward it to the wyze team, thank you!

hi johnston, good to hear the pan cam installation went well. nice work with the mounting bracket!