Pan Review and feedback

So after a week of having install the Pan around the house, i wanted to share with WYZE some thoughts, some are points of view that others have shared previously, all is meant to kindly share and not ugly complaining

The Low cost and Solid PQ are the 2 main draws to the camera, even thou i may want more PQ, it is not hard at all to invest in WYZE due to the low initial cost compared to others. I use android and like the app, has good function for what i mainly want to do, the Events are a nice feature to have to narrow down activity if you are recording 24/7. the size factor is pretty good and the low weight is excellent for mount, but still lack a little in weather resistant options from what i can find. will have 8 pans once complete to monitor outside and inside when not home. happy with the purchase and glad i making the switch from dlink that had too many security flaws from outside hacking. so far over the last 7 days i haven’t had any hack attempts yet.

Some things to share
Able to use on Windows OS, would be nice to monitor while working on laptop
Widget for android, so you don’t have to unlock phone every time
Motion tracking needs stop points so it doesn’t keep panning past certain viewing point
Ability to store to personal cloud instead of wyze free 7day, this is to reduce wyze cost and have more ownership over privacy. for now thou it would be nice to see when using sd card, have option to record only offline.
Ability to manually adjust brightness \ contrast
Fast forward \ rewind, have the arrows programed to next motion tracking

Couple questions,
For the Pan model it shows 15fps ,is this software or hardware? If software i would like to see 30 or 60 if the unit is capable to have better PQ, concede that if it was possible there may be other limitations produced.
Why use h264 and not h265? isn’t h265 smaller and faster?
Is the 5 minute cool down only related to video uploaded to wyze? so if there was only recording offline only is there still the 5 minute cool down, right now i have only have it set to continuous sd recording so i am unsure on this point.

thanks for the Pan, have a few more dlink to swap out, but going good so far!!

Try Bluestacks It works great on desktop

Bluestack is ok, but still prefer a native Windows app for long term usage.

I’d prefer browser over any. Browser applets are universal rather than programming strictly a windows application.

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Agree with the Browser option, not sure which is easier for wyze to implement, but i would be more the happy with a web browser option.

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Hello @dseto, you might like this :smiley:


I can only speak to one of your questions. the 5 minute “cool down” is strictly for the 12 alert clips that go to the cloud and send push notifications. if you are recording to an sd card on either setting it will continue to record there. the rationale behind this from wyze is that they are charged for each and every request and or send from the cloud service. thus by limiting this ( although yes it is a gap in security to a degree) they are able to offer the cloud for the reasonable price of free that it currently is.


Thanks for the link, looks very interesting, i see in the thread a lot of talk about poe, i agree that would be incredible option too

No problem, for the POE Roadmap topic click HERE.

The 5 minute cool down does not apply to the local SD card recordings in Event Only mode.

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