đź’˘ Cam V2 vs Cam V3 Pan - Very Poor

I sorely disappointed, I have had a Wyze V2 for about 2years and its absolutely brilliant using the Free Cloud record called CamBack or something.

SO I went out and bought 3 V3 PAN cameras… Well, there pretty crap aren’t they!

  • Doesn’t support CamBack (free)
  • Hard supports the SD or Playback - never works.
  • Keep Going offline
  • Keep tracking Trees in Sky In Pan Mode with tracking on
  • Can’t set up proper detection areas

We’ve already changed the “Drive” Cam back from a V3pan back to a V2 simply because it wouldn’t detect Vehicles… let alone track them into property.

Feel seriously like i’ve been ripped off, If I’d known v3Pan were so bad i’d have not bothered Junked my V2 and bought another brand :anger:

:anger: Another thing that P*sses me off is they is no way to get a RTSP or other feed from these and that the RTSP firmware is only BETA and discontinued. :anger:

Welcome to the community.

Well, I can honestly say that I did not see that coming. :thinking:

For me, if a product I have works “brilliant[ly],” I wouldn’t junk it even if I started buying new stuff from somewhere else. At the very least I’d sell it or give it away to someone else if I thought it was brilliant and worked perfectly, especially so I could get some of my money back. Wyze devices tend to hold their value really well, even when used.

Can you share with us what alternative Pan camera you chose to go with that doesn’t ever track movement from things like trees when motion tracking is on, and which also keeps track of custom detection zones in spacial memory when it pans and tilts so that the detection zone doesn’t move with the panning and tilting (ie: if I block out my bush in the center view of the camera, then the camera pans left so the bush is on the right, blocked out part moves to the right side of the camera view to stay on the bush? I didn’t know any pan cameras could do that type of detection zone. Did you find one that does?

And how much did the pan camera with those features cost? I would be interested in learning about any product that solves both of those objections you listed, and curious how much more they charge for it.

Thanks for sharing feedback to Wyze. I hope they keep making improvements. I’d like for them to start offering RTSP too. For now I just use 3rd party solutions to get the RTSP feed (Docker Wyze Bridge, Scrypted, Tiny Cam, etc), but it would be nice to have it built in.

I hope the new stuff you found better meets your overall needs :+1:


CamPus lite is what you meant. And correct, CPL is not available on the newer cameras. It was a response to allow 12 second video recording for free on cameras that had previously had that capability. Going forward, the cloud recording of video for free was not a financial model that was survivable by Wyze. However rather than take away that capability for cameras that already had it, they created CPL for the older cameras.

As for uSD card recording, I will be the first person to tell you that I don’t like the new UI compared to the older one (that the V2 uses), but it works fine. What are you saying does not work?

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I’m fine with either UI, but the new one is missing “jump to the prev/next event” that the old one has. Or am I missing something?

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