WyzeCam cam vs pan

I already own a Wyzecam v2 and am looking to get the Wyzecam Pan. Aside from the obvious pan function, are there any benefits to get the pan over the standard cam? I don’t necessarily need to have pan and would prefer to keep it pointing at a specific area. If the pan offers higher FPS and better image quality and just overall hardware improvements, I’ll gladly spend the extra $10 and just set the pan function to be disabled (assuming this is possible in the app?).

Disadvantages of the Pan in your application are larger size and more difficult mounting. In this case, I would just stick with a V2.

Mounting and size won’t be a problem. I’m more concerned about the hardware improvements. Looking at the specs, it has better night viewing?

Can you stop the pan function in the app? I.e just use it as a normal non-pan camera?

Yes, you can stop the pan scan and motion tracking features via the app.

The Pan does have more LEDs (6 vs 4) but same stated IR range. In my experience, not much practical difference.

The Pan has slightly wider field of view (120 vs 110deg) Otherwise they are pretty much the same.

So again, I think for fixed position applications, it comes down to which is easier to mount/point and the physical appearance in situ.

If you plan to have it in a fixed position in an indoor application , I don’t see any real advantages over a v2 cam

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