Wyze cam pan v2 zoom image quality?

Hi all

I have a bunch of regular v2 cams. Time had finally come that I need another cam, and in this case, pan feature would be nice so I’m looking at the pan v2 specs.

In my case, zoom is mandatory and I saw the pan cam v2 had zoom, great. It took a while to find (verify) that the zoom is only digital, not optical.

I looked and so far haven’t found any image comparisons showing how grainy the zoom is. Would love someone to point me to an online image comparison, but basically is it likely to be about the same as the regular cam v2 when zoomed?

The new cam will be replacing an old v2 cam, and the one thing that made it only marginally useful was the lack of zoom (pinch to zoom was just too blurry).

Alternatively, if I already know I’ll need better zoom and am willing to bork the warranty, anyone know if the cam pan 2 uses an m12(?) Lens like the fixed cams? Maybe the solution will be to start at a higher zoom to begin with.

Thank you for feedback, insights, links

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Yes. The strength of the Pan V2 (and the V3) is the much better color nighttime sensitivity (the starlight sensor). Both also have a siren you can use indoors for things like leak detectors.

I don’t have any experience with changing lenses.


If you really need the zoom feature perhaps a camera that has actual vs. digital would be better. If you are going to spend a bunch of money changing lenses, etc. even a higher priced camera wouldn’t cost much more.