Wyze V2 vs Cam Pan for baby monitor and house

Hi folks.

New to Wyze. Impressed with the devices so far.

I purchased a V2 and a Pan and have set them up in the house.

As of right now, the V2 is in the boy’s room and the pan is in the living room.

BIG question: Is the Pan that much better to view in night vision? I would like the best possible picture for the nursery. I had the Nest Cam, but the picture did not blow me away for the price, and I was very surprised about that.

I am pretty impressed with both, but I am interested in seeing if what the community thinks.

Is the camera quality that much better? As the little guy grows, we would like to have him play in the room as well, so that Pan might me nice to allow us to view more angles in the room because I think we will have the camera on the wall in the middle of the room so it can first and foremost view the crib. the ability to adjust it remotely is just the bonus, but not really needed.

Anyway, thanks for the help!

I don’t think there’s much if any difference between my pans and my V2’s. Of course, where they are located could also make a difference due to things like distance, size of room, colors of walls, etc.

Well the pan has very low audio volume due to something in the firmware… So I don’t recommend it if you want to be able to hear sound.

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Thanks! At the moment, both rooms are relatively small so that should not be an issue. The living room is the Pan is in the corner of the living room and it has all areas viewable. The V2 would have just a slightly smaller field of view.

ALSO, Is the Live Stream fluctuating between 80KB/s and 110KB/s considered 1080p HD? We have an Apple Airport Extreme (the most recent one, but still old by todays standards) and am wondering if we may be overloading or wifi with our home automation, streaming services, and devices.

Even thought I just purchased these the other day, I did NOT update the firmware…

My HD views also bounce around from something like 80-120KB/s so that should be normal. One of my pans is only about 8 feet from the router and unobstructed. Between computers, phones, streaming devices, cameras and smart home devices I have in the upper 30’s for the amount of devices connected at any given time and it all works well.

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Thanks for all the help. Definitely put my mind a bit more at ease

Which firmware do you have? Did you already test the sound?

My experience between the two is that while both are good the Pan tends to have more problems. Since you are using this as a baby monitor I would think that continuous trouble-fee viewing/hearing is of top priority. Unless you really need the scan ability and/or the slightly wider FOV of the Pan I would say go with the V2.


Hello jsenny
The pan cam has a larger effective field of view because it can rotate. If the pan cam is located in a corner, the outer extent of its view field will be walls. I would place a V2 in the corner because its field of view is 110° and most room walls come together at 90°. That 110° field will cover the whole room. More of a pan cam’s field of view can be utilized if it is not placed in a corner. Also the pan’s view, if mounted near the middle of a wall, will be closer than that of a corner placed camera.

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