Night vision and audio issues from pan cam?

I bought a few v2 and pan cams. Got them setup up and am mostly happy with them.
I noticed though the night vision on the pan cams is nowhere near as bright as the v2 and I am getting no audio output when I “talk” to the pan cams.
For the night vision issue, I ended up putting a v2 opposite in the room from the pan cams and it is super bright now.
For the audio though, I haven’t found any solution. I read somewhere about it not having permissions enabled on my phone. I don’t think this is the case though since I can talk through my v2 cams just fine. I can hear audio from all cams just fine as well.

v2 is the basic Wyze Cam, right? Your Cam Pan must need the extra lights it adds. So I am having the same problem with the Cam Pan. It is almost no light at all, especially compared to other cameras.

The first thing I checked was the power supply. It needs a 2A supply vs. the basic camera’s 1A supply, but that wasn’t it either.

Is your v2 better than the Cam Pan when used alone?

I guess I’m supposed to throw in your username @mark102179

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The v2 is the basic camera yes. It is better than the Cam Pan all around in my opinion. The night vision and the audio is better. The CamPan speaker doesn’t seem to be as good, the motion tracking is erratic and is hard to see what is going on because it
keeps jumping back and forth. The CamPan does work great as a still camera, that only moves when you control it and want to look around, but like I said the IR light for the night vision isn’t all that great on it’s own. I do have three of them so I’d never
say that they aren’t any good. I really wish that they would/could implement something that tied into the sensors to make it look in specific predetermined points that way I’d be able to turn off the motion tracking that drives me nuts.

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