Do these Wyze cams have issues detecting people through a window?

Do these Wyze cams have issues detecting people through a window?
There has been someone outside my house for the past 30 mins, and they are moving around, and the camera is not detecting them for some reason, so its not recording. I have the sensitivity set to 100 and its not like they are not even there.


They shouldn’t. I have a V3 looking out a window and it picks up people pretty good, the AI may not label them perfectly every time but it will detect people.

It also depends on the distance. Is their a detection zone set up?

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Is the camera detecting any motion at all? The camera itself just detects motion that falls within your setting thresholds. Once the clip is recorded and uploaded to the cloud, that’s when the AI looks at the clip and tags any recognized objects observed like people, pets, packages, vehicles that are either moving or stationary.

The cameras have different types of recording, which recording type are you referring to? Cloud or local SD card storage? Do you have any cloud services on the camera like cam plus?

Can you provide screenshots of your different detection and notification settings menus, does your event tab in the app show any event videos from this camera at all? Make sure your filters are all cleared so that all video is shown to you.

Yes like if people are walking down the street it will but this person was just moving around part of the side walk and it stopped detecting him like he wasn’t there even though he was moving around. It did not even have the green square around him. It didn’t even detect just the motion. someone just walked down the street and it worked. It was just weird someone was outside for like 30 minutes in the same area, and it didn’t detect them.

My v3 cameras are aimed through double pane windows and tag Persons very accurately. I have my Detection Settings set to 90 and am using Cam Plus Lite.


I have a V3 looking thru a double pane window and it picks up person and pet quite accurately. But, cams thru glass can be very tricky if it isn’t set up and tuned right. The reflections off the glass, backlight, and angle are incredibly detrimental to the image and quality of detection. Your particular Detection settings are important also. Would have to see a screenshot of the FOV and settings to suggest any improvements.

Also, let us know if your issue happens during the day and/or night. Aiming a v3 through glass you probably want IR and Status lights off.

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edited out the pics

Here ya go. The only reason the video started was because the car drove by, As you can see that person in the video is clearing moving and its not detecting him. The clip is also only 17 seconds yet he is still moving in the video. I have cam plus so it should keep going.

yeah the IR is shut off
I forgot it is going through glass and a screen, so maybe the screen on the other side of the window is effecting it. So I push the screen up past the camera view, maybe that will help.

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You might try toggling Detection Zone Off as a test to see if it helps. Here is a thread on aiming through a screen you may find helpful.

Yeah I turned that off too in addition to pulling up the screen so its not going through a screen and window anymore. I have had the Detection Zone Off before in the past and it didn’t make a difference. But I did that too just to test. Ill check the thread out too, in case I want to put the screen back down too.

The camera only sees “pixel change” as “motion”. That person is standing fairly still, so the only pixel change I see is the very outline of the person as they slightly sway and the key lanyard spin. To me that person is causing super minimal pixel change in a very small area as compared to the detection zone as a whole. Now the SUV is also a small portion of the area in the detection zone but they are causing a lot of pixel change. Looks like the motion tagging picks up the shadow when the SUV is about to enter the frame then as the car drives from right to left the car itself is causing a lot of pixel change to occur. If the person on the sidewalk started walking One direction or another within the detection zone, they would cause a lot more pixel change and I think that would be enough to show up as detected motion. This is just my quick analysis of the posted video and to me it appears the detection was working as designed. I think that person’s movement was minimal and if they were to start walking to One direction there would be enough pixel change to be detected itself.

What AI tags were associated with that video in the event tab?

Thanks for posting the video. IMO, with the sensitivity set at 100, the person is providing ample motion to initiate a motion upload event. I have seen uploads from much less motion at much less sensitivity.

You can definitely see the affect of the screen in the image. That very well may be causing some issues. You also may want to power cycle the cam to force it to load new settings.

The sensitivity is set to 100, so it should detect the slightest change. You don’t think he is moving enough? If he was breaking into my house or the house cross the street, he wouldn’t be moving a huge distance in the frame, so does that mean the camera wouldn’t pick that up too? The whole point of these cameras is for it to pick up small movements not moving across large areas. As someone else said they have seen the camera pick up people with much less motion. I will see how my test goes today of not having the screen done to see if that was the problem.

I have my camera set to power cycle every morning since that was the only way I could fix an issue where it would freeze for the first couple of seconds of each video clip.

I moved the screen up, so it was more clear, but and I did some testing and moved around in the frame, and it will trigger it for a second, then it will stop, so the clip was only 15 secs (with cam plus) even though I was moving around in the frame for a minute. And I was moving around more than the original person in the clip. It just seems these cams are not good in the person is moving around in a small area, which defeats the whole purpose of the cam if someone was breaking in, the cam would stop recording them after just 15 seconds. Its too bad we cant add an extend recording by a certain amount like 1 min 5 mins etc one the cam gets triggered.

I have Cam Plus Lite, so I only get 12 seconds of any motion recorded video to the Cloud. I have a SD card in all my v3 cameras set to Continuous Recording. Once any motion is triggered, I can go to the SD card and view everything. If you are not using SD cards, you may consider trying one out to see if it better meets your needs

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Yeah I have an SD in this main cam. I keep forgetting about going to the main feed to view it. It would just be easier though if I didn’t have to use that work around but thanks for reminding me

When viewing a short cloud video, try hitting the Playback icon. You should be taken to the exact spot on your SD card TimeLine if you are using Continuous Recording.

I have double pane windows and have no problem with detection. You just have to play around with the settings to get it right. Wyze window mount helped alot. Also shut off the camera light and close your blinds.