Camera problems. My camera does not detect any motion towards my car

I have a lot of issues here. Let’s talk about the support that have received through Wyze. The support team was not very helpful whatsoever If anything, it was the worst thing I ever experienced through customer support.

Now let’s get down to hand. I’m having some issues with my camera picking up any type of motion on top of my garage pointing at my vehicles and it will not detect any motion until you really get up close for that to happen. Now most of you people are going to say well. That’s because that’s what’s used for… Now, however, I have another V3 camera that is sitting on my window that picks up a whole bunch of different type of stuff and it has a lot of things in the way and still able to detect some things. Even when I get close towards the camera they AI has a very hard understanding of what is a vehicle or a person. No I do have a picture here for a demonstration and tell me if you think that it should be able to pick up from the distance that’s at.

Welcome to the forums! Are you talking about general detected motion? Or a specific ai type if you have Camplus/CPL? What are your detection and recording settings?

Welcome @xenobladechris

One thing to try is to angle the camera a bit. I have found, and others in the forums, that straight on shots may add to the difference in notifications or capture. Something easy to try.

Also, are you using Cam Plus?

I pick up individuals a bit further than that, but I have the settings as follows:

Motion Detection Sensitivity: 97
Detection Zone: On

Here is a Pic of Mine:

It is Angled towards the right and I am picking up individuals, using Cam Plus, on the sidewalk and street. I pick up motion of a kid who skate boards down his drivewat across the street, to the right, where the SUV is parked.

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I’ll give it a shot, but I noticed that they sirens aren’t working at all when I manually used them, and I got one more question. How far can is the detection range? I know it can go far out with moving cars, or lights that turn off or on, but it struggles with picking up people walking across far out towards my street.

Not really a set distance, the cams use a difference of pixels to detect motion, so with max sensitivity it really depends on how large the object is.

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That’s unfortunate. I do hope that they can make some magic happen with something like that, but I don’t want people walking up towards my cars and messing with them.

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It should definitely see that car. What’s your detection sensitivity set too? Also do you have a detection zone? In the events tab, is there nothing at all?

With cam plus lite there’s a 5min cooldown between events, so you have that or so you have full cam plus?

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I do have my Motion Detection Sensitivity set to 100 and Detection Zone is set to off. Also I’m using the free trail of cam plus.

Do you get any event videos at all? Or does it just miss the car. Also, does it always miss it, or just sometimes.

So, If I walk along the side of my truck it doesn’t understand that I’m walking towards the house and it doesn’t detect me at all. How ever… It does detect the cars that come out from the street.

This is the plug in v3 camera right, not the battery powered WCO?

Yep it’s plugged in outlet. It is Wyze v3.

You don’t have any filters in the events tab enabled? Click the filter icon in the upper right and hit “clear”

I’m sorry, but where do I go to view that, if you don’t mind me asking?

In the events tab at the bottom of the app, hit the funnel icon in the upper right, and hit clear.

Was that not where you were looking for events previously?

Maybe there is misunderstand. See the camera doesn’t pick up an type of motion when I’m walking across my car, so there isn’t any recoding happening because it doesn’t understand walking up to my house.

I tried your idea, but the issue still remains. I don’t think the motion detector goes too far out to catch movement.

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Thanks for trying.

Does it go off at all, when you are closer to the camera? Not sure if this was answered, are you using Cam Plus?

If you start from scratch and say 3vwnt recording all motion and notification on all motion, do you get them? If not create a log of the issue. If you reached out to Wyze and have a ticket number please post it here with the log number.

So when you look in the list of event videos in the events tab of the app, there’s nothing there of you walking across your car, but there are videos of other things? Is that correct? Can you send a screenshot of your events tab?

Yep. I’m using Cam V3 and I have a free trail cam plus. Sorry, I didn’t reply has fast as I could because I had to go to work.