Wyze Cam Outdoor Detection

I have four of the Wyze Cam Outdoor cameras. Overall I have been happy with the quality and their battery life. However the one issue I have is getting accurate and consistent detection notifications when someone enters my driveway. I’ve played with the settings and I can not seem to dial it enough.

Right now my detection distance is set to 50 and image sensitivity is set to 36. From what I’ve read the Wyze Cam Outdoor works based on heat detection and then runs an algorithm to determine if there is motion.

Is there a Wyze cam that is outdoor rated that will detect on any motion vs the PIR method of the Cam Outdoor? As you can see I have a large driveway area that I am trying to monitor.


The outdoor cam’s detection works best when movement is going across the field of vision rather than moving toward or away.

The V3 camera is an indoor/outdoor camera, however it is not battery powered and requires a constant power source. The cord provided will work outdoors, however the plug itself needs to be plugged indoors or in a completely sheltered outlet.


There is also the Wyze Outdoor power adaptor now for the V3.


That’s good to know!

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Do you know how the V3 works compared to the Outdoor Cam for detection? Is the V3 motion based or does it use the same PIR method?

The V3 uses pixel change detection. It does do a bit better across the field, but I find it picks up more motion straight on than the outdoor camera.