YET ANOTHER detection question

See attached video of my husband pulling into our shared driveway. The PIR area encompasses approximately the bottom 2/3 of the screen. I have camplus, so my detection settings are no cool down period, and five minute recording. However, I get 10 seconds of him pulling in and preparing to back up, and then I get nothing.

Since the main reason we got the camera is to ensure that our neighbor manages to not hit our house and vehicles with his big truck, it’s important that we see movement near our Home and vehicles. However, I’m not getting recordings of all of the vehicle movement in the PIR region.

I’ve asked detection questions before, and gotten some answers that don’t really explain why I’m not getting what I expect to get. Is there a way to get technical support from Wyze, with questions like this?

Cars are big cold boxes and the PIR senses heat differentials. Is it possible for you to supplement the Wyze Cam Outdoor with a V3 or similar camera that detects motion based on the visual field?

As to support, sure you could ask. Most people here recommend phoning into support.