Vehicle detection when backing-up

Why does the cam 3 not pick-up a vehicle backing-up? The video only starts when the car starts moving sideways.

Depends where the camera is. The WCO detect motion side to side or at an angle much better than straight at or away from the cam.

Passive Infrared Light (PIR)

The PIR sensor in your Wyze Cam Outdoor is part of what sets it apart from other Wyze Cam devices. This sensor detects anything that emits heat, like warm-blooded people and animals. It can also help detect vehicles if the engine is warm.

Note: With the positioning of the PIR sensor, left-to-right and right-to-left motion is most likely to trigger the sensor. Movement from the top down, and moving directly towards the camera, are less likely to trigger the sensor to detect motion.

Combined with a PIR sensor, and a defined Motion Detection pixel comparison, Wyze Cam Outdoor is really good at detecting the things you want to see most.

To get the most out of the PIR sensor, place the camera in direct view of the effective area and away from constant heat sources. Avoid placing the camera in direct sunlight, pointed towards moving tree branches or general traffic.

Side to Side. Both of these moving vehicles are 55 feet away from the WCO on the side off my house. The face of the camera is pointing at the white BMW SUV in the driveway on the left.