Stealth Toyota Camry

Outdoor camera has all updates. Rarely does the camera pick up Toyota Camry, wife leaves first and most time no photo or notification. Will pick me up on mower, golf cart etc. Today didn’t pick up Camry twice and Fedx truck not picked up and it’s been several hours prior to previous photo. What is the issue tomorrow is last day to return camera.

Outdoor cameras use PIR sensor to activate. May not be picking up a heat signature in order to turn the camera on for recording.

My opinion here. The battery powered Wyze Camera Outdoor is so terribly crippled in order to preserve battery life that it is almost useless unless you ABSOLUTELY need a battery powered camera.
You couldn’t give me one…

The WCO also records just motion, trust me. Here is an old video of a Version one WCO recording vehicles a 55-60 feet. The deal with the WCO cam is it detects motion side to side great. Straight at or away from the camera is almost useless. I have been using the WCO since Nov. 2020. In fact I have to turn three of the four off during the day when I am home because they record every tree branch or weed swaying in the wind and shadows moving toward evening.


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Yep, that’s how PIR sensors work. PIR motion sensors often have the same problem. It is the nature of how they work. Sometimes you can tilt or twist them in a way to help with that, but it is a hard thing to overcome with devices reliant on PIR.