Wyze outdoor not detecting soon enough

Wyze outdoor is picking up person to late . Have all the senseativity settings maxed out and made a detection zone. Have two of theses cameras one works great the other doesn’t pick up the person until they are almost out of the video ??

Note: With the positioning of the PIR sensor, left-to-right and right-to-left motion is most likely to trigger the sensor. Movement from the top down, and moving directly towards the camera, are less likely to trigger the sensor to detect motion.

To get the most out of the PIR sensor, place the camera in direct view of the effective area and away from constant heat sources. Avoid placing the camera in direct sunlight, pointed towards moving tree branches or general traffic.

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It is proboly actually picking them up early, but by the time the camera wakes up and starts recording the subject has traveled several feet and are almost out of frame. It’s just a downside of this PIR detection method and having to wake the camera up before it starts recording. Are you able to get power to this camera location? If you can, a v3 is I’d say a better bet.

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