Not all motion being captured on Wyze Outdoor cam

I have a Wyze Outdoor cam placed outside the door of a rental unit we have.
As seen in the attached screenshot, there are many instances where I see the guests exit the unit, but the motion of them entering is not captured.
Most of the time, the motion of guests entering is captured, as is motion of someone simply walking by.
Curious why there are random missing motion events.

Yeah same here, these cams are crappy, sorry I bought one. I have one on my front porch, if someone leaves the house and walks away from cam it records, but package delivery will walk up straight to front porch cam without any recording or notification? That’s what I bought it for, wth.

How do folks that enter that unit normally approach? From the side or from straight out?

The WCO (Wyze Camera Outdoor) has the PIR sensor that detects motion, and then “wakes” the camera up, this process can take a second or two to wake the camera up and allow it to begin the recording. PIR Sensors also work better with side to side motion, as opposed to motion coming straight at, or going straight away. In your screenshot, the camera is pointed down at a fairly steep angle so the “detection zone” is hindered and starts closer to your door (from the looks of it if your WCO is mounted right side up, the detection zone ends just a smidge past an imaginary line between those two green posts. So someone coming straight at would have to get fairly close to trigger the PIR leaving the subject already fairly close to the camera and already into the building before the recording starts.

Is your camera mounted right side up? or upside down? If its not upside down, try mounting it like that. Doing that will “flip” the detection zone to the top 2/3 of the view (detecting more forward) and possibly help with early detection of something coming straight at the camera.

Detection zone flip: The top might work better than the bottom in this instance.
Screenshot 2021-07-26 112003