Wyze Cam Outdoors Detection Problems

I am very disappointed with the Wyse Cam Outdoors. The detection range is only about 15 feet from the cameras. I cannot cover my entire front porch, 64 feet, with one or two cameras. Also the quality of the video is no where near the quality of the Wyze Cam version 2. What is going on here, is Wyze Company diversifying products to fast where they are not spending the time to develop quality products from the start? Their initial reputation with security cameras was outstanding, now I am not so sure and am very disappointed. Please improve the WYSE Cam Outdoors! Comments would be very appreciated, am I missing something?

15 feet??? I have 4 outdoor cams and they will record and notify of motion at over 65 feet. They will detect the UPS, Fedex, Garbage trucks and other large vehicles at 65 feet. As for detecting people it will tag them at about 30 feet. If people or objects are coming straight at the camera you might get 15 feet I guess. The cam is designed to trigger motion events when something is crossing the detection zone at a slight angle. The detection zone is quite wide so turn you camera a little to the left or right or relocate the cam to see if that helps. The face of my camera is pointing in the direction of the red line I drew on this picture. It will detect everything in the turn around court and my beast up driveway.