Wyze Doorbell Cam Pro Battery Motion Detection Distance

We installed the pro doorbell with wifi and battery last weekend. We used to have a Ring doorbell in the same spot that would pickup anyone driving into our lane, which is about 100 feet from our front door. The Wyze doorbell camera does not pickup any of that motion, which is very frustrating. We switched to the Wyze doorbell because all of the other cameras in our house are Wyze and we wanted everything to be on the same system. We do not have detection zone setup and the detection setting is as high as it will go, with all notifications enabled. Very frustrating that we may need to back to the Ring camera so that we can see cars driving into the lane since we live in the country.

Anyone know what the detection distance should be on these Wyze Doorbell Pro cameras?

We currently have 4 of them and at 100 feet which is way to far to see,2 of ours ard 55ft from the street and it will pick-up vehicles we had to turn it way down,and all of our cams are on cam +,if your not getting any recording when you walk by it its your settings make sure you also have VOIP turn on…

I installed it couple of days ago and i observed the detection of anyone with in 10 feets only. I am not happy with it. I try to fiddle with detection zone as well - but that did not help either :frowning:

You must have the settings set not right mine will pick up vehicles going by andnthats at about 45 feet im useing the doorbell pro

Thank you ! yes you are correct - i took a look at the install wedge plate and it was little slanting. I did adjust it and it is picking up motion up to 45ft.
My driveway is between 55ft to 60ft away from the main door, i will try to fiddle it further and see if it catches between 55 - 60 ft.:slight_smile: