Doorbell Pro missing all movement in my driveway but records movement in road 100 feet away

Set it up 2 days ago. The camera never detects a vehicle nor person pulling into my driveway or leaving my driveway but records trucks passing on the road 100 ft away. I set the motion detection sensitivity to high.

I will have to return if it can’t detect people and vehicles moving in my driveway.

It’s almost as if the visual detection area is only the rightmost portion of the field of view.
App Android v2.27.33
Doorbell Pro version 1.0.58
VDBP connected by wires

Can you provide the following so that we can see if there is something we can determine:

  • App Version being used
  • Version of the Firmware on the Doorbell Pro
  • Picture of the settings you currently have set
  • Is the VDBP using Battery or Connected via Wires

@R.Good , I know you hooked up two and are getting person notifications, anything special you did to get the Notifications?

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The doorbell is mounted on a walkway above the garage. It does record events for persons moving on the walkway but does not record events for people or vehicles moving on the driveway below.

I only have mine set for when the button is pushed, but I will change my settings to match @NHWizeGuy to see what I get and will report back.

I think I misunderstood what I was buying. I really like the Wyze Video Doorbell and wanted another one at higher resolution to cover my driveway. I inappropriately thought the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro would offer the higher resolution and the option of the same detection area features. But alas, it seems not to have provided an option to turn off the PIR and rely solely on video field motion detection to detect motion- nor does it provide a mask for limiting the detection area.
I guess it is not the right camera for my application unless they provide a major firmware update soon.

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