Wyze Doorbell? What's it's People detection Range?

While checking my Email, I got one saying, " Your pkg has arrived".
I said, “Hmm no “Chrips” from my V3 cam?”.

Sure enough there was a box by the door !

For months now, I have mentioned that my V3’s are not detecting, anything with regularity outside of 10ft.
Except passing “Widw angle & Illegal headlight kits”.

Well, The postman must have tossed the box by the door. Box had a few impressions on it and was light enough (5 - 8oz). Not to make a racket.

Or even worse, they walked up the stairs, undetected?

Riddle me this, Batman & Women !

How well do these Doorbell Cams work?
How far away does it’s detection work?
Will it too, pick up, stray “left to right”, horizontal passing street traffic headlights, from 75 to 100 feet away?

I got one long ago & due to bandwidth issues did not install it .

Now, I feel like Mr. WHOPPiE from the Tennessee Tuxedo cartoons. But, instead of junk in a closet falling on him.

Yes, I too have a closet full of wyze gear (Scale, Doorbell, V2 cams, V1 sensors, Watch #2, Outdoor Cam #1 (cordless).

Here is a video of my VDB facing my porch. Off to the left, you will see a car go by and it picks that up with no issues. I als get notifications of individuals coming up the driveway.

I can measure to tell you approx. how far, but I think it is at least 60 - 80 feet.



I want the Human traffic. (@ most 3-4 times a day) tracked & alerted.

80 ft reaches the street, Does this one have zone detection scalability, too ?

Because, I really don’t want a 3rd street traffic tripped cam.

Yes it does. Even though it sees the cars. It will pick my wife walking home when she gets up the driveway where the vehicle is. I set person detection, package, and Face for the VDB.

Here is the Zone settings for it. Funny thing is I blocked off the Window on the right as it picked us up walking by it or doing dishes. That is where the kitchen sink is.

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I dread this install. It’s a 1960’s era home with an old fashioned doorbell.

U would think, this a DIY-ers dream.this

Cutting Siding & Wiring to an antique power so , sheesh.

If I pull this off, you will see my smile, across the usa.

Thx Again !

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If it helps, you could get one of these for mounting the doorbell. or go to etsy and look for other doorbell mounts.

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That’s a nice one !