Is there a person detection distance limitation?

I have a v2 cam setup in a 2nd floor window facing a garage about 100 feet away. I have the detection zone set to a narrow section of about 6’ to both sides of the straight sidwalk going to the garage, and the bottom of the detection zone starts about 45’ away from the camera up to slightly above the door on the garage (on the screen the bottom is about 2/3 down the screen and the top 1/4 down). I have sensitivy set to 95,
I am not getting many "person detection"s… It only detects about 1 out of 10.
Can someone give me a little insight on how to get this much more accurate?

At that kind of distance you might want to look into a telephoto lens replacement. A few people on the forum have documented their success with it.

I dont really think a telephoto lens is anything I would need, at least for quality. 100’ is not very far. The quality is excellent, its just not grabbing all instances of a person.

Depends on your perspective I guess. Around here that would be two or three houses away. Perhaps someone else can answer your question.

The original person detection was only good for 2-20 feet. I have not yet seen any changes to this. The issue is the person must be a reasonable percentage of your capture. I have a cam on the 2nd floor looking at my backyard, and the original person detection rarely identifies people, whereas my side yard cam is looking thru heavy blinds and can identify torsos walking by as people. So range is important.

There are some do’s and don’ts here:

P.S. Detection Zone is only a trigger.


I have a v2 cam about 15’ above ground looking at the yard. Walked around the whole yard, across the field of view and toward the camera up to 15’. Never triggered a person detect.
Thinking cam view needs to be closer to eye level and up to 10’ above ground, looking at a person formore than a few seconds. Want to test more but the smoke here in Los Angeles limits my time outside.
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