Person detection filter not working

I have a V2 Cam. I am on the 3rd floor and am using it to monitor movement in the parking lot, near and around my vehicles. Though inconsistent, occasionally the camera is triggered by the detection of only people. When I click the Person filter there are no videos listed. I am instructed to turn the option on. Yet, it is on. I even disabled it then turned it back on. My firmware is up to date.

Welcome to the community, @isaiah58! If the camera is 3 stories up you will probably fall short of the camera’s capability to detect people on the ground accurately. The distance between the camera and the target area of interest where people will likely appear should be between 2 - 20 feet.

You can read other do’s and don’ts about person detection here.


When clicking on your events from within the app, you will see in Bold The name of your camera, and below that you will see the word Motion Followed By a little person, that is indicating that a person was detected. So if you are filtering out your motions and none include the little person, your list will be empty.
So I would First Check to ensure Motion Detection is enabled for each device you are wanting detected. I would then make sure that the person detection is enabled also.

After enabled I would walk in front of the camera to have an event triggered, and see if the app detects motion, and if it has a “little person” next to it. If it does not, click on the " Help us Improve AI by sharing this one video with Wyze" it will them ask you" “Did you See a person in this video?” and provide the options: “I saw a person”, or “I didn’t see a person”.

Edit: As @StopICU33 mentions the distance may also be a factor.

Hope this helps you out a bit.

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Both responses were very helpful, thanks. I have been and will continue to submit clips that were recorded due to motion detection of a person. I understand how the distance is the reason the AI is not able to verify it is a person and not something else. I may also look into mounting the camera outside the window to see if that improves the situation.

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Can you please specify which version of the firmware you have installed? “Up to date” can be subjective depending on when a post is made. :slight_smile:


Speaking of submitting Person Detection, i also have detection issues, ground level no more than 30’ away…

i share video selecting i Saw a person, when the camera only detected as Motion…

i also share selecting i Didn’t see a person, when camera didn’t see a person…

i also share selecting i Saw a person when cams detect a person…

Out of 10 person in frame tests among 4cams, i get 1 alert sometimes 2, about 5min after event

I have had much better results with person detection using the firmware version from July than the current version. I rolled back the firmware on the cam I use to monitor package deliveries, and it detects people accuratepy again. There’s a recent thread on it with link to the firmware download page.

From that high a vantage point though, I wonder whether person detection can see the shape of a person…