Can I use Wyze Sense v2 in a 2nd home on the same Wyze Account

With the Home Monitoring, it was NOT possible to have a 2nd home monitoring set up in a second (vacation) home on the same Wyze account.

But can I use the Wyze Sense v2 Starter Kit that was just released on my second home using the same Wyze account that has my home monitoring?

You should be able to add the second kit but you won’t be able to use it for monitoring. You can only use the sensors for push alerts and automations.

I am being told there will not be a limit of the amount of hubs per account but you can only have one HMS per account. I hope that answers your question

Given that you need to enter the emergency response address, wouldn’t two homes on one account have an inherent problem?

Yes, but I point it out because there are many people who want to put two on one account. I just make sure they know it does not work in that aspect.

Do you happen to know if they are considering/working on updating the system to allow people to have multiple homes on one account? It sure seems like a blocker for adoption. I’m sure there are loads of people out there that have more than one home they’d like to monitor for one reason or another. Is there anyway we can start a thread to gather votes on whether this is a desired feature? That would be a great way to get feedback to their marketing and engineering departments.

I am unaware if they are or not, there is however a #wishlist request gathering votes for it. I have linked to it below

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