Wyze sense bundle should be available without keypad if not using monitoring

I wish you would make the Wyze sense bundle should be available without the keypad if not using monitoring. Since it is available on its own, one could add it if adding the monitoring. Why force people to get a piece they won’t be able to use without the monitoring.

Added my vote. Should available in both configurations. I have no need for monitoring. Was considering the gen1 sensor kit but then read about them bricking upon battery failure so that was a no go. Now this gen2 kit is overkill.

I purchased the alarm set on sale for $50 at Home Depot.to get the Wyze Sense Hub.

After setting up the one Motion Sensor and two entry sensors, I realized I wanted more motion sensor’s, and more entry sensors (which have purchased).

I have no need for a Home security System (and frankly, wouldn’t trust Wyze products to provide that service) I like the Wyze Products I have, such as the Camera’s, the Door Bell, the Thermostat, the Sprinkler Controller, the Lights and Plugs, but everyone of those items have had issues that give me pause at a Wyze Product being granted the privilege of being an alarm system for my home, or being in control of locks on doors.

That said, Wyze needs to sell the Wyze Sense WITHOUT the alarm service. I’m guessing you might sell Many Entry and Motion Sensors along with the Wyze Sense Hub, if you packaged it that way.