Sense Keypad Smart Notifications w/o Monitoring service

I cannot tell you how disapointed I was when I got the new hub kit and discovered that in order to use the keypad, I had to subscribe to a membership. Wyze has been attractive as a solution because it allows people to DIY their own security system without monthly fees.

Why would wyze not build the keypad with triggers and actions like its other products (which is what I was expecting).

  • When motion is detected, light up the keypad.
  • when login is successfull, have alexa say “welcome home”
  • when login fails, send notification.
  • when logout, run routine.
  • etc.

We have 12 cameras and home monitoring would not be a viable solution.

Is anything like this in development? Please?

I am not interested in HMS either. But I don’t mind self-monitoring, like many others on the forum. I would love to see the option to use the Sense Keypad without an HMS subscription.