Can i use home monitoring without subscribe and pay monthly fee?

can i use home monitoring without subscribe and pay monthly fee?

You can buy the starter kit with the hub and sensors, but only with a subscription for at least one month. If you cancel the HMS subscription the sensors will work as sensors: notification when doors open, movement detected, etc. but it won’t work as an alarm system.

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WildBill via Welcome to the Wyze Forum <>于2021年9月4日 周六09:41写道:

EDIT: Wyze switched to a new shopping provider, so the original link for this message may be dead now.

That link indicates you can buy a starter kit without the subscription, but as wildbill said, they will just work as sensors with push notifications and automation rules, not as an alarm system that calls the cops.

Also, the keypad is worthless without the subscription but you can sell it off. I saw one sell on ebay for $35 which would lower the cost a little in the end.


How did you ever find that? It doesn’t show a link on the main page of the shop site.

Nope, no link from the main page. I found it a few months ago. You have to run a search on the shopping page, then several options pull up, and you open a bunch of them until you find the one that doesn’t force the subscription on you. :slight_smile: There are a few gems like that hiding in the website sometimes with no navigation link (you can’t click on links starting from the homepage to ever get to them), but still technically available. :smiley: I share this one with people occasionally when they say they’d buy it all for sure if they could do it without the subscription and service attached, so I share the link to do just that, and 99% of them were not actually serious. I think most of them are trolls or just like to complain, then when what they said they’d do is a real option, most don’t know what to say or do. There are a lot of genuine ones though, so I still share it, I won’t pre-judge. Plus it is a fair objection to not want to have to buy a keypad that can’t be used, so I understand that, but I am talking about the people who swear they’d buy the same starter kit if they weren’t forced into a subscription then get caught in their lie after I provide that exact solution.

Furthermore, the subscription shouldn’t matter because you can always leverage Wyze’s 30 day refund or return policy and ask for that $5 back right away, so in a way, even if the link I posted wasn’t available, you could still buy the starter kit with the subscription, then exercise the return policy on the subscription and it’s exactly like you never had the subscription anyway…so to me, it’s mostly people who love to complain as a hobby just because there is an excuse to complain most of the time.

But again there are genuine people, and there are reasonable objections about not wanting to pay for a keypad too (though it’s not that hard to sell it online for a reasonable price). It’s worth giving people a solution just in case it is something the person might want, or another future observer who happens to read it later too and decides that was the solution they wanted.


I’m very impressed. I’ve seen all the posts about not wanting to subscribe and I’d buy this if only… Thanks for posting the link. Maybe some of those who want the sensors will just buy this and move on.

As I said, my experience is that it happens once in a while, but 99% of the time it doesn’t, which leads me to believe they are addicted to complaining or trolling, and I often mute or block them after that, but I also don’t pre-judge…so I provide the link regularly just in case they’re sincere or someone else who reads it later is sincere. Since those people exist, I still share it. :slight_smile:

I signed up for HMS, originally on monthly subscription, with the plan to cancel it once I had all the “kit.” Now, I’ve signed up for an annual subscription trying to give Wyze the benefit of the doubt regarding the system. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t cut it as a security system. Right now, at least, it’s too unreliable with too many missing features to make it usable.

I bought the annual subscription because it was basically the same price either way, so I might as well have the subscription for a year. Might not keep it though, too many missing features and functionality right now, but if they really tweak geofencing and add automations, and better sharing, and especially if they integrate it to Home Assistant or something I will probably pay for it again because then it would be useful. We’ll see how long that all takes. I haven’t decided either way, but right now I rarely use it all because it doesn’t do what I want without lots of effort. I partially found value from the extra cam plus sub, but now I have CPUnlimited so that’s not a perk anymore. We’ll see if they can make it more useful before April :slight_smile:

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Well that’s sad to hear. You were such an eager early adopter. :frowning:

I was waiting to hear of your experience.

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It’s not terrible, the problem is that it’s too much effort to remember to arm and disarm it. Most alternatives would have the same problem. And so if I rarely manually arm and disarm it, why pay for it?

On the other hand, if they perfect their geo-fencing so I can tell it to arm when my whole family is away and disarm if anyone is home all automatically, then I’d use it because it would be effortless. Also if I could schedule arming and disarming at night during sleeping hours without having to remember to do it.

Even without those I love these as sensors, so I’ll still get more of those regardless… But as a service I need more effortless automation. I started to do this through home assistant until Wyze shut that down (some things still work, but not sensors). So I’m back to feeling like it’s great for sensors, great price for security, just too lazy to manually arm/disarm everything. :rofl:

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Ah, thanks for explaining. Yes, any alarm system has to be armed somehow when you leave the house. :slight_smile:

I thought for a moment you had issues with features or reliability (“too many missing features and functionality”), not just needing to arm when leaving…

Yeah for features and functionality I meant:

  • Geo-fencing (for multiple users, not just me)
  • Schedules (ie arm at night, disarm early morning)
  • Rules/automations (to create triggers to arm/disarm)
  • Sharing options (wife, kids to have various control through their own account, others temporarily like house-sitters)
  • Different alerts/sounds

There are other things that would be nice, but I’d need most of those ready before I would pay for it again. And they said they’re working on all of those, but considering we have no idea of the timeline for them, if most are not ready by April, I may cancel the sub until they’re finally ready. We’ll see. Lots of time to go between now and then.


I’ve just switched to Eufy so I don’t have to pay any subscription fee.