Home Security Monitoring without a subscription

I want to make sure I understand the Wyze sense (home monitoring)
I love all the features / alarms
What I need to confirm is that you MUST have a subscription to configure the Sensor hub

I basically have set the monitoring to test mode as I continue to refine, but at the end of the day I really do not need the 3rd party monitoring. If I get alerts/alarms then I could simply call emergency services myself

So is there a way to use all of the monitoring functionality (including the configuration) without a monitoring service?

Yes. To an extent.

Without a subscription, you can still add sensors to it and each sensor has its own settings, however you cannot access settings for the sensor tunes, there is no arming or disarming, the keypads won’t work, and no self monitoring capability.

Anything accessed from the Monitoring tab or Home Monitoring Settings is inaccessible without a subscription.

Without a subscription, you will not get alerts or alarms. The system will not function as an alarm system without the subscription because there is no way to arm or disarm it. The only thing you can do is to set each sensor to send a push notification when it is opened or closed. These would need to be toggled individually or by a rule for the sensors you want to push a notification.

No. Without a subscription you loose all functionality you would experience in standard and test mode.


Similar question with a different use case. I have a residence in another country where monitoring is not available. But I’d like to use the Wyze ecosystem for cameras and sensors.

I would like to be able to configure individual notifications if there is a water leak, a door opened, or motion detected. Maybe if a temperature is exceeded.

And i want to be able to drop in to see a camera (should be no problem), confirm a door is closed or read the temp or humidity.

The building has security so that isn’t my user case.

Can I buy and configure the hub and these sensors without the monitoring subscriptions?

I am also curious if most of the sensors support IFTT. Then i can establish my own rules.


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The Leak Sensor, Contact Sensor, Motion Sensor, and Climate Sensor needed to do this all support individual sensor notifications:

All can be done from the app anywhere with internet access.

Yes. However the Hub cannot be purchased individually. And, if purchasing from Wyze, you will be forced to purchase a subscription and cancel it.

Home Depot, Walmart, and Amazon sell the “Wyze Home Security Core Kit” which comes with the hub and some sensors bundled with a 3 mo subscription that does NOT need to be activated. The Keypad in the kit is the only device you won’t be able to use.

The Contact Sensor and the Motion Sensor are currently the only two Wyze Sensors supported as Triggers in IFTTT.

Amazing detail broken out as asked with every particular. Greatly appreciated confirmation as i consider buying a small boatload of sensors.

Thank you!
Mil gracias!

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