NO subscription

I have 4 V3’s set up , I’m on self monitoring. I would like to add the sensors on my doors/windows. will I be able to do this without having a subscription? Also, I would like to add a wyze mesh router to my collection, also without a subscription.

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I think all you would need is a hub for the sensors. I use mesh and don’t subscribe. Maybe someone will chime in for a complete answer.

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@ygomez0721 - You need the Home Monitoring hub to use motion or contact sensors. You DO NOT need a subscription. The Mesh Router does not require a subscription.


thank you @ssummerlin and @Earl.Automation for your answers.

I will get a hub for the sensors. And I really want to have that Mesh

I just do not want a subscription.

thanks again

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Just remember…a mesh is more than ONE router. You’ll need at least two. Also note that Mesh and Mesh Pro won’t work together. It’s one or the other.

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@WildBill I have a combo. (modem/router in one) is this what you mean?

No…I mean if you want the Wyze routers to work as a mesh you need at least two. Most likely you’ll want to disable the wifi on your combo router and just use the Wyze mesh for wifi.

got it, thanks