WYZE Home monitoring?

Can you use home monitoring without a subscription? And without Wi-Fi?

I want to bring the System to a hotel. I was wondering can I set the system up with my phone hotspot and not she was a subscription, then I can disconnect my phone hotspot and it will still work?

All I want is for the System to work as it should, just without a subscription or Internet.

Yes, the HMS hub can be used without a subscription, however there is a significant loss in functionality. Without a subscription it no longer functions as an alarm system and functions more as a contact and motion sensor hub.

See this: Home monitoring without subscription?

As for unplugging it, transporting it and not using internet… No.

Without a subscription the unit has no alarm, only push notifications to your phone when a sensor detects. Without internet that functionality is lost.

What if I were to activate a subscription and set the system up using my phone hotspot. Then after I set it up I disconnect the Internet then cancel the subscription.

I know the system still works when you disconnect Internet, so if I were to then cancel the subscription, could I still use the keypad and siren?

I’m not too concerned about getting push notifications or using my phone aspect

If not. Is there a way I could hook it up to a captive portal network?

Still not going to work. The alarm function is a cloud driven event. Without a subscription to monitoring, there is no siren alarm because there is no way to arm\disarm the alarm. This is driven by your account subscription status. Without internet, there is no siren alarm because the unit cannot communicate with your account. The siren alarm is dependant on communication with your online account to verify settings and sensors. Wyze devices are internet dependant. The Monitoring is internet dependant…

OK. I thought it would because I unplugged my house Internet and the system still works in the siren still goes off.

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Daniel, I found your last post intriguing… and correct! This is new information for me. Thank you for sticking with this and testing it out!

So I tested my system by doing as you suggested. In a disarmed state, I removed the ethernet cable from the back of my hub. The hub immediately went to an alternating light configuration but was not in Test Mode. I went to the keypad and armed the system and it did arm. I then tripped a door contact sensor and the entry delay countdown started and finally tripped the alarm siren. Because it was disconnected from the internet, I did not get any push notification on my phone for an alarm, text from Noonlight or call from them. I was then able to disarm the alarm with the keypad. When I opened my app, I saw this:

It is actually telling me that I can change the arming status with the keypad even though the device went offline.

So, theoretically, it can be used locally as a deterrent siren triggered by contact sensors absent internet access.

However, this brings more questions that would need testing:

  1. Will the loss of power during the transport to the destination cause a reset of the Hub’s ability to be armed/disarmed from the keypad without subscription verification? How long will the internal battery last to hold that?

  2. How will a cancellation of the subscription affect the hub should it be reconnected to the internet in the future?

I’m not going to cancel my subscription because I am locked in at a great price and have nothing but mad respect for Noonlight’s response speed. But, if there is anyone out there who could test this and report back I would be eager to learn.

How do you plan to use contact sensors in the hotel? Motion, maybe but not contacts sensors or cameras. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? If you are in the room you would trigger the motion sensors. If you are out you wouldn’t be notified and you might terrify the housekeeping staff.

There are other portable alarms just for this situation. They just aren’t Wyze products.

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I’m just wondering how long this system will last without Internet. I will keep the system plugged into power just without Internet. Theoretically I’m thinking if it never connect to the Internet it won’t get the message that I have unsubscribed.

All I really want is A deterrent siren like you said. I don’t exactly want to pay a monthly fee because I don’t really want the monitoring or push notifications.

. I don’t mind paying the subscription, I just wish they offered a free version where it is just used as a siren and not the moonlight monitoring. I think wyze is an awesome Company with amazing products.

If anyone could test us that would be awesome.

As I already posted, how do you plan to trigger the siren? You probably won’t mount door sensors in a hotel and motion sensors would trip whenever you moved. Also, how would you reconfigure the system if needed without internet or a subscription. Seems like a non-starter to me.

My apologies, I meant to respond to this.

I would just like to use it at night, with no motion, so if the door were to open then the delay entreat will start, I won’t use it in the daytime, only at night.

I was planning to use command tape to put contacts on the door,

Not sure why you want to do this. A search on Amazon lists a bunch of inexpensive alternatives that don’t require attaching anything to the doors:


My free year just expired and I found that I could not disarm the unit in my vacation home because of a block from Wyze. I purchased the unit at Costco and I will be returning it for a refund next week. Wyze uses hidden tactics in their marketing…nowhere I can find in the literature that came with the unit that says you cannot do self-monitoring with this unit. To me that is false (or hidden) key information and now, since Costco will not refuse a return, Wyze will have to eat their system as a result.