Wish There was option to buy / use sensors without a full home monitor setup

I wish I could buy the home network bridge just for use with sensors. Have a need for good water, temp monitoring…… but at this point I don’t want to change who provides my home security monitoring.


supposedly it’s coming but due to the chip shortage (if it’s even still present) they are currently only selling w/ HSM

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amen i have two i bought several years ago and love them… please please please

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As pointed out in multiple posts, a not so great solution is to sign up for the HMS service on a monthly basis to get the hub and starter kit, plus whatever other sensors you may want. Then cancel the service before it renews. You now have the hub and sensors and you never need to actually activate the monitoring service. Not ideal and a little more expensive, but it can be done. I’ve got the system but have never taken it out of test mode due to the slightly low reliability I’ve experienced with the hardware and software. Don’t want false alarms or to rely on a system that may not work when needed.

So the senors and hub will still work and can be used with the app even if the monitoring service is not activated? Like the others that posted here, I would like to get the sensors to replace my now non-functioning V1 sensors, but I don’t need or want the monitoring service.

Correct, the sensors work as sensors detecting motion or opening of doors. No monitoring service required. Wyze is simply selling them with the service, supposedly, due to the chip shortage for producing the hubs and sensors and reserving them for those who purchase a monitoring subscription.

Update: One thing I forgot to mention is that if you setup the system without monitoring the hub may play a sound every time one of the sensors is activated. I’ve only seen the option to disable this “feature” in the monitoring configuration under the “Tunes” setting. You may need to setup monitoring temporarily if this drives you crazy.

I noticed this ‘feature’… where the hub plays a sound every time one of my door entry sensors ‘opens’… Will Wyze ever move that setting out to the Wyze Sense Hub Settings Page?

Probably not…

At least I can set the volume of it?.. (Low, Mid, High)


I posted a wish list item for this some time ago:

With my vote, it has SIX votes now… so that means Wyze will make this change about the year 2082 give or take a decade or three.

Provided they even read that particular Wishlist item.


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