Any uses for the Keypad without the monitoring?

I just bought and installed the Sense Hub and the door Door Sensors to monitor a couple doors. I bought the new pack via the app that didn’t include any HMS. I’ve been trying to research on any uses for the keypad but it seems a mixed result. So anyone here know for certain if the keypad has ANY uses if not tied to the monitoring subscription?

Paper weight? :thinking:

I certainly haven’t found any options to use it for anything else. Not to say there isn’t some plan behind the scenes at Wyze.

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I could sync it up and see if I can utilize it for any methods, but was curious if anyone more skilled than I had found a definitive use. Seems a shame if they don’t have plans for it,

Just checked and there are NO rule options to use the keypad as a trigger.

Well, guess paperweight it is regulated to, and hopefully an update will unlock some potential for it. Thanks for checking!

Confirmed it does not show up in the Rules as a device that can trigger - such a shame as it could be so much more of a platform such as macro buttons for home and away, keypad for data entry, voice / speaker … to name a few ideas

Christmas Tree Ornament?



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Too bad it can’t be repurposed to assign each key to a light or group of Wyze lights in the house, to manually turn them off / on. Then I leave it at my computer desk, and turn off random lights in the house to mess with my wife?

Or, reassign the keys to operate Wyze Plugs and/or Wyze Outdoor plugs… off/on


It would be nice if the sense keypad could be used as a regular alarm keypad to arm or disarm the sensors without having to use your phone to turn on or off. I have already set up a one push on and a one push off on my phone but would be so much easier using the keypad.