Use Sense Keypad without Home Monitoring

It would be nice if the sense keypad could be used as a regular alarm keypad to arm or disarm the sensors without having to use your phone to turn on or off. I have already set up a one push on and a one push off on my phone but would be so much easier using the keypad.

Are you talking about disarming the sensors outside of Home Monitoring? Can you provide more details of what it is you want to do?

Currently when I leave, I push one of the rule buttons on the app to turn the inside cameras and motion detectors on. I have a rule on the app for turning them off. I got the starter kit for new door sensors, motion detector and moisture sensors. It came with the keypad. My understanding is the only way to use the keypad is to have the paid monitoring. I just think it would be easier to use the keypad by the door to turn the cameras and sensors on/off by using the keypad instead of dragging the phone out, opening the app and selecting the rule. Not to mention, I wouldn’t forget to turn it on.

I use location based rules to do what you’re asking to do. When I leave (taking my iPhone with me) location rules turn on some cameras, enable notifications for certain sensors and un-mute notifications. I have to be at least 500ft from my house but I have to drive miles to get to anything.

Thanks. Setting it up today and will give it a try.