Sense is Amazing


I’m sure this doesn’t really belong here, but I wanted Wyze, and anyone thinking about buying Sense know that it is amazing. I’ve got my beta product setup and I think the possibilities are incredible. This is a great, and a worthwhile add on to an already great product. I just can’t believe how well it works and what all you can do with it for the price.

THANK YOU WYZE! Keep up your amazing work! You’re industry changers.


Thank you, cam6! And if you don’t mind fielding questions from the community, this post can stay here. :wink:

I sent this to the rest of the team so that they can bask in your praise, too! Thanks for making our days. :slight_smile:


I agree.

Granted, these are the first smart sensors I’ve ever had so it may just be the initial “smartmazement” but it’s pretty handy to quickly check my phone and see that all my house and shed doors are closed, or notice that one door was left open.

I’m also getting much more accurate motion alerts now that I mounted the motion sensor inside my carport facing my house. I don’t have to play with detection zones and try to exclude the road, I just trigger on the motion sensor when someone or something actually enters my driveway.



I’ve been using and have professionally installed Samsung Smarthings, Wink, Amazon’s new Smart Hubs, and some of Ring’s new products. I’m a locksmith, network engineer, and security professional, I kinda of use it all lol. I honestly think Wyze’s product is the best that I have used yet. It’s intuitive, easy, and inexpensive. NOT CHEAP.
Sense is a great add on for monitoring door function, and more accurate motion tracking. Having easy access in the Sense door sensor menu to detected videos is intuitive and convenient. Many other products have similar features, but the menus aren’t always as intuitive and the products themselves are much more expensive and may or may not involve monthlies for a similar service as what Wyze gives you. GREAT product.


@thequietman44 if the wyzecam motion sensor built in the camera was more accurate though, then we wouldn’t need to buy a separate wyze sense motion sensor…

While I highly anticipate a better motion sensing algorithm, I have to disagree. I think that the door sensors give a different kind of notification and log that not everyone may need, but many people do. I may not always want to see a video of who comes in my door, but I may want to monitor if the door is left open. Or maybe I put the sensor on a window that the camera isn’t even pointed at. There are many cases where better motion would be great, but the sensors are a better option.

Yeah I was just referring to the motion sensor…I can see the utility of placing the contact sensors on doors and windows though.

honestly when i got mine yesterday i thought something was missing. maybe i only got 1 piece like the motion detector. WOW its tiny! so compact compared to my ring contact sensors and motion detection. can’t wait to set it up and test it!

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@cheaplikeafox, Yes sorry, I see what you’re saying.
@islandsnow I completely agree! The package was so small and expertly packed, that I thought maybe they decided to only send part of the kit, ha! You’ll be so surprised by how easy it is to setup. There is even a “signal” area in the settings you can check to make sure you have adequate signal for operation of the sensors.


@cam6 i think he’s talking about the motion sensor and you’re talking about the contact sensor?

Yes, if we had more control over motion sensing on the camera that would likely solve 90% of my issues, although one other application might be a camera pointed at an area where there may be motion from a window but you only want to see events for motion within the room itself. Perhaps a glass entryway onto a public street or hallway. The motion sensor shouldn’t pick up infrared from objects beyond the glass even though the camera would see motion.

Either way I’m happy to add an inexpensive motion sensor to an inexpensive camera.

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cool! will set this up tonight. i know they said to download the latest version of the wyze app but i may have signed up for the beta versions of the app via test flight on iOS. hope these will still work with this version of the app

Better control of the camera’s motion sensing algorithm and zones should be high on the developers list of items. If you could control the areas that you wanted the software to evaluate and how you wanted the software to evaluate them then a large number of PIR and contact sensors could be eliminated. Point a camera at a door and tell the software to notify you if the door is opened or closed; Point a camera at an analog thermostat and tell the software to give you the temperature and notify you if it exceeds your parameters; Point a camera in your basement and tell it to notify you as soon as your sump pump starts to fill/function. The possibilities are endless but they require visual software recognition. This is the future that Wyze should be focusing on but I will settle for a better way to manage zones. Maybe a grid to start.