Wyze Sense motion sensor vs. camera built in motion sensing

Forgive me if this is in another thread… I searched and couldn’t find similar. Got my sense package and I see the practical uses of Motion Sensor for areas that can’t or shouldn’t have cameras…but I am having trouble figuring out scenarios where I would want to use the motion sense in conjunction with my cameras. I mean, I already have motion sensor regions set up in the cameras and they record events just fine. Why/How would I want to use the separate motion sensor in relationship with a camera…?

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I have received the Sense package as well. I was wondering a similar situation. For example, linking the Motion Sense with the Wyze Pan Cam. Whenever Motion Senses something out of range of the Wyze Pan, the camera switch to that area. Kind of is someone is poking you on the right shoulder, you rapidly move your head towards the right side to see who is there.:nerd_face:

here are two that i can think of
(1) motion sensor is PIR based not pixel based, and thus the light change will not trigger motion senor but will trigger camera

(2) i have a contact sensor on my shed door, when that door is opened, i will have outside camera to record a video, a reliable trigger

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I don’t want my beautiful cats to set off motion or pixel notifs so I have contact sensors that notif when doors to my house common areas are accessed.

@earthsci, I thought the pir motion sensor would yield less false alarm events but I’m actually getting more false alarm events than with just the motion sensing camera set at 15% sensitivity. I read someone else got better results with their motion sensor.

Omgitstony…I understand that, but I’m not referring to the Contact sensors…just the motion sensor…and specifically how I would use that with a camera instead of just using the camera’s built-in motion sensor.

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yup… that would make sense if it was pointing away… I don’t have any pan cameras yet…but I see that use. Thanks.

earthsci… thanks… that makes some sense. My front door alert goes off when the neighbor’s car lights sweep across my yard as they come home. I could turn off the in-camera motion and just use the motion sense to trigger the camera when it’s actually something moving with IR heat…

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I put my motion sensor in a room that could get broken into but is not covered immediately by the camera I have in the next room.

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Here’s the thing for me. That motion sensor is going to be more accurate than the camera sensor. It’s also less sensitive to light changes, shadow movement, etc, But the best thing is you can position it in a place more isolated and accurate than the camera, which needs power. These battery replaceable sensors are small enough to put anywhere. The sensor at my front door is facing the door and not the street so accuracy is almost 100% so far. Every doorbell cam has it’s sensor facing away from the door toward the street generally, Most people will end up ignoring their notifications eventually. Not now.


Thanks…good call.

the difference is the camera motion sensor will pick up moving light from car headlamps passing outside on the street, I am assuming Wyze Sense sensor uses a PIR, which sees infra red heat from close by objects which are inside your home.

Also, many people wouldnt mind mounting a PIR in their bathroom to monitor a window against breakin , whereas mounting a Wyzecam there would be unthinkable.


i have a camera outside the frontdoor (covered), and i set a very limited detection area, so pretty accurate

but since i put a motion sensor on the door (outside), it is a nightware that i have to say

the motion sensor can only senses people around 8 meters or less, but the sensor gives LOTs of “false” notification. I tried to point the camera to the same direction to find out what activate the sensor, sometimes i could not find anything, sometime it is passing car which is more than 20 METERS away from the sensor.

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@earthsci Maybe that’s why it is meant for indoor use only. I didn’t notice any false alerts with it being used inside.


i now use black tape, tape half of the sensor and works fine now, lol

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Do you tape the top half?

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the sensor is at the top frame of door.


Thanks I’ll try that :blush:.

I tried it but now I don’t get any motion sensor alerts.

I was trying to use it outside as well. Normally I would disable notifications from it till 2:00 PM when direct sunlight stops in my backyard. It worked fine on cloudy days, earlier. But now it has started giving false alarms even on very cloudy days and sometimes at night as well.https://global.discourse-cdn.com/wyze/original/2X/4/420b05999cdc8fe88dea16a9cd8a6aa6c897b1f8.mp4