Trigger Cam Pan pan/tilt direction based on other sensory inputs (Wyze sensors, other Wyze cam motion or AI detection, etc.)

Rather than using Pan Scan, trigger the Pan camera to move to different waypoints based on multiple motion detections

(motion sensor A (waypoint X)) --------------- Pan camera --------------- (motion sensor B (waypoint Y))

So if motion sensor A detects motion, the Pan camera should change to waypoint X.

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Allow sense tag to trigger a pan cams motion waypoint. So if the door opens it automatically fixates on the door and not the ceiling fan it’s been looking at for hours.


Love this idea! We’ve actually heard it from a few other customers as well so we are looking into it. Thanks for the feature request!


Forgive me if I’ve overlooked this but I have done some basic searches on the community and haven’t found the question I’m asking. I have just received my Wyze Sense kits and started setting them up. I also have a Wyze Cam Pan that covers a door that I’ve attached a contact sensor to. This camera normally pans the room and is not set to follow motion as it covers three rooms and hallway. What I’d like to be able to do is have the Wyze Cam Pan snap-to the door that the contact sensor is attached to when the sensor loses contact (the door is opened). I already have the door view as a scan point and I can even understand setting it elsewhere for this specific event. I have already setup this camera to take a video when the ‘open’ event happens, but it does no good if the camera isn’t already pointed at the door when the open event triggers.
If this is something that already can be done / is being done, I’d love to know how and where to set it up. If not, I would love to see this feature added in a future release. As much as I love your cameras (I have 6 so far). I would prefer not to add a fixed cam dedicated to watching that door 24/7.
Thank you in advance for any help you may offer.


I absolutely love this idea and was hopeful that it would be something available when I received my sensor starter pack today. I’ve got my Wyze cam pan set in a position where it can capture both my front and back door, so adding this function or option would be an amazing addition! I can certainly understand that Wyze is looking to turn a profit on selling cameras, and while I think the cameras aren’t eye sores at all, if I could avoid having to mount two and use up two outlets, that would be ideal! Just my two cents. I love this company and your products, and cant wait to see what you develop next!


It woul be great if the pan camera could pan to the door contact thst is open and record video. I have this setup in my garage with teo exterior doors, each with a door contact.


I’ll vote for this one. I’m using a motion sensor next to my pan camera, as the pan cam motion sensing is not effective outdoors with lots of moving objects.

“When Motion Sensed, rotate to waypoint for seconds” or “While motion is being sensed, rotate to waypoint ”.

You will have to be careful of multiple sensors directing the same camera to different waypoints. Maybe have a minimum time on station.

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eg. Front door opens, turn Wyze Pan Cam to record front door area.

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Would be nice if the pan cam could turn to a specific direction (waypoint) on a sense trigger.
Ex. Front door contact sensor gets activated; the camera makes a 180. If the back door contact sensor goes off, then make a other 180 degree turn.

I would love to have the ability to have a sensor trigger the pan cam to move and focus on a selected area. As an example, say there are 2 doors in a room (front, and back) the pan cam is in the middle. If the front door opens, have that trigger the pan cam to turn and point to it. If the back door opens have the camera turn and point at it. I know the function for “Pan Scan” is there but this might be even better by having an event trigger the scan to location.

It would be great if i could get the Pancam to turn to a specific point and start recording when a sensor is triggered. e.g. the “home view” for the pancam is set for the livingroom. When a sensor on the front door is triggered the cam would rotate towards the door to record who is entering, then using motion control follow the subject. When motion was no longer detected, the cam would return to the home position.

I love the Sense door and motion sensor triggering video from cams. It would be great to have a Wyze cam Pan move to a pre determined location at the trigger point.

When the motion or contact sensor gets activated, we should be able to automatically spin the camera to point twords the sensor that went off; and record. verses just being able to record when it gets activated.

I also think this is a great idea. I currently have my Pan cam on “Pan scan” mode but would love to add sensors In the area the “waypoints” view. The challenge to this is going to be multiple sensors going off and demanding the Pan cam to point in that sensor’s direction. I’m sure the the Team will come up with a Wyze idea :bulb:

I have a wyze cam pan that covers a 360 degree area. I would love to see an IFTTT action that moves the camera to a certain way point to record. That way if a wyze sensor is triggered, it can move to the best way point of that sensor to record.

I really want to be able to turn the Wyze Cam Pan to a custom waypoint when either Wyze Sense contact sensor or motion detection is triggered. Like if I have the Pan mounted in such a way where it can’t monitor all areas at once, I can have it automatically turn to a specific location, like toward the front door when it is opened, or the hallway when motion is detected.

As far as I know, this feature doesn’t exist, but please let me know if it does.

Note: I don’t actually have a Wyze Pan yet, but having this feature would be a big reason why I would buy.

Would love to have the ability that can recall a saved preset to the Pan Camera when the contact Sensor is opened or closed. I have 4 doors visible with the location of one WYZE pan camera. Would be great for it to move to a saved position and record when the door is opened.

This is a great idea, that way my pan could point to the front or back door depending on what sensor opens

Any traction on this? Any alternatives yet?

Thats brilliant … I never even thought of that