Schedule Camera Direction

Hello. I currently have a v2 cam pointed out my back window. Which works good except during certain hours the sun sets directly on the camera sensor. With the Pan model could I schedule the camera to look away from the sun during certain times to avoid this (and extending the camera sensor) then have it move back to outside looking position?

If this is true can you set motion detection zones in both positions?



That’s a great idea. That’s not something the app has the capability to do right now, but I will pass that along as a future feature request to our product team.

I’d also like a feature like this for a different use case. I’d like to point the camera out the window while I’m home and inside while I’m out. I’d be nice if you could also have a widget or a way you could use smart assistant devices to trigger it. Even if using IFTTT.

I would definitely love to see this feature implemented–For different times of day, on different days of the week, I would like to reposition the camera to monitor different areas. Having to manually change the camera position through the app basically means I can’t really set any detection zones for monitoring…

I’m surprised this isn’t done yet. I have my camera in the window reset every weekday morning so I can capture my kids getting on the bus then manually pan the camera 180 degrees to keep an eye on the 4 dogs and 2 cats home alone during the day. I’m not interested in pan scanning’ just want 2 fixed positions for two different times of the day.

I would like this as well. Have a room I monitor during day, camera sits on window ledge. at night wouild love to turn around and monitor outside the window.

Please see this topic. You can VOTE for it at the top-left and/or continue the discussion. :slight_smile:

I agree. I’d like to be able to change a Pan Cam waypoint based on whether it is daylight or dark.