Scheduled Waypoints on Wyze Cam Pan

I think an awesome addition to the app controls for the Wyze Cam Pan would be to allow scheduled waypoints. For example, waypoint #1 is viewed between 9:00am and 5:00pm, then the camera pans to waypoint #2 and holds there between 5:00pm and 9:00am. If a time is not set, the scenes could continue to pan automatically as they would when Pan Scan is turned on, or just stay on the last set waypoint (the user could choose).

It would also be great to have the opportunity to setup scheduled waypoint groups. For example, waypoints #1-3 would pan from set time to set time, then waypoint #4 would engage. It would also be great if the user could set the duration of each waypoint stop.

A third option that would be excellent would be a continuous 360 slow-motion pan, or a slow-motion pan between set waypoints, instead of the usual pan and stop, pan and stop.

There’s my three cents! :slight_smile:

I like this suggestion.

One way it would help me is… I have a camera pointing through a window. In the morning, the sun shines directly at the camera (OK, the camera points directly at the Sun), washing out the view. If I could point it in a different direction for about an hour, I would still have a little use for the camera during that time.

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I would like to have the capability to MOVE/PAN the Camera to a certain position at a given time, and move it to another position at another time, during the day/week.

Some form of rule set, which is quite simple, to rotate it to a specific preset/predetermined location according to the Time of Day, and add more rules like that, so I can position it in different directions depending on the time of day.

This has many applications.


Could the pan cam turn to a chosen quadrent as a rule action? Say to turn to where a motion sensor is located

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A Quadrant is a subset of what I’m requesting. I prefer to “teach” the Pan a few “Positions” (AZ/EL) and then make it GO/MOVE/ROTATE to those positions according to RULES (that already exist today).


Yes, great suggestion. For example, have the functionality to choose the direction of viewing (waypoint) based on whether it is daylight or dark.

Yes, great suggestion. For example, have the functionality to choose the direction of viewing (waypoint) based on whether it is daylight or dark.

I would love this feature!
In addition, it would be nice if I can ask my google assistant to move my pan cam to a particular way point.
That way, if I am running around the house, I can say a quick command and not have to open the app.

Any update or solution on this old feature request?

I need waypoints to be in rules. I want to be able to schedule the camera to point at waypoint 1 during night and the way waypoint 2 at during the day. This would be great to be able to automate this and not have to manually click it. Y’all are awesome thank you!

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Door Opens & Pan Cam Turns to Record Door

I am 99% positive I had this working at one time but now I can’t figure it out and people say it can’t be done??? We have sensors on our front door & back door that are both visible when the Cam Pam pans back & forth. I need to set up a Rule that says IF “Front Door” opens then Pan Cam turns towards the door and starts recording. This is mainly due to having a father with dementia who will open the front door, then go to the back door and open it too, and at some point may step out the door or let the dog out by accident. I can see on my sensors that the doors are being opened and closed but the Pan Cam in my living room doesn’t always catch what is happening.

This is not a current function at this time. I have moved your request to this #wishlist requesting for what your referring to. Give it a vote to help it along! Thanks!

Setting up triggers. I have two cams setup (driveway and front door both basic v3 cams) if either detects a person at night the sirens on v3s and v3 pan all go off.

Would be nice if we could set the pan cam to turn to a certain position when a specific event is triggered. Then have it turn back to it’s original position (a user set home position) after set amount of time.

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This is my request as well:

  1. Number the way points
  2. Allow for triggers to result in action of moving to x way point.
  3. Upload clip.

In addition, when privacy mode is selected it would be nice if the Wyze Cam Pan would rotate to a “default” waypoint where the camera points at the other cube so that it’s obvious that the camera is not being used, and it would be helpful to be able to schedule privacy mode times.

This is something hugely valuable for our home. We use a pan cam as a baby monitor and at night I want it pointed at the crib, but during the day our toddler plays in his room sometimes and would be nice to have it scheduled during the day at the center of the room waypoint and at the crib waypoint automatically at night. Thank you!