Why people need Wyze sensors?

I love Wyze cam and I am a fan of the company. I just bought the Wyze weight scale. I said all this because I am not trying to criticize the Wyze sensors. On the other side, I really don’t know why people need Wyze sensors.

My point is the following. If the sensor requires a bridge which connects to a Wyze cam, then why I don’t use the motion alert from the Wyze cam app?

even though the bridge attaches to a cam, the sensors can be in a different room. There are endless possibilities for uses of the sensors. I’m using one wired to a dummy light switch that turns on a group of 4 wyze bulbs. I also have sensors on both garage doors letting me know if the doors are open/closed. I used to have a motion sensor that would turn on a couple of wyze bulbs then automatically turn off the bulbs after motion was clear for x of time.

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Welcome to the forums! The “motion sensing” on the cameras is actually the camera detecting changing pixels within its field of view. So is it a door opening or a light turning on? It helps me know for sure if a door or window is closed or opened with a quick look in the app to see what each sensors status was. I don’t use motion sensors currently but have one at the ready if I think of something. If you have a camera with motion alert notifications on inside your house it’ll get old real fast.

All right all right, house is closed up. Much better seeing that than sifting through event videos to see if a door was opened or closed. This is my use case scenario.

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